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A little catch up

I’ve had a busy few days lately, I’ve joined a new Art group, also had another physio session, that was painful, dance class Monday evening, day out Tuesday, and the went to see Jane Eyre Tuesday evening, it was lovely, very atmospheric, and well cast.

Art class this morning, hoping to make some new friends and hopefully pick a few brains   ssshhhhh., as there are some fine painters and artists in the group. I have a funeral to-morrow, one of our very old dance members died, he was 91, and leaves his wife Ivy.

I took my camera out on Monday and there was just nothing to capture, so I  took some of the dogs, one I hope to perhaps paint, I didn’t take the camera next day, and guess what? a fantastic double full rainbow, all I head was the camera phone, so I unfortunately didn’t do wonder of nature full justice. , but I’ve put it on anyhow. ruby n tango 2 paintruby to paintruby n tango 2

rainbow 1Rainbow 2Rainbow n Barney

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  1. I like the one with the dog on it’s own Arlene that would be my first choice and my second choice would be the two dogs together in the last photo facing the camera….

  2. Lovely photos of the dogs Arlene…if you do paint them be sure to show them off! I’d love to see them :)Great capture of the double rainbow. I tried for a single rainbow recently but it didn’t come out anything spectacular. You’ve done great with these though :)You have certainly been a busy bee! You put me to shame with all your varied and interesting activities…do keep it up!!

    • Hi Wolfie, thanks for comments, I can’t make up my mind which of the studies of the dogs to paint, Ruby on her own or one of the double, but again which one?
      I’m quite impressed worth the quality of the photos on the phone, and it’s not an expensive one either. I’ve got another busy week next week two lots of physio and a birthday dinner on Wednesday. I also want to clear out my little pond in the back garden, got any spare time??

  3. ‘The Dogs’ are a wonderful study of concentration there Arlene, that certain look , they give, downward and smiling, and so, so intense.,. Her Maj to a ‘T’ … Making me smile in response.. and a Rainbow is a sign of newness, (and of course there’s the pot ‘O’ gold, tho’ I’ve never found one yet. 😀 .. ) … Funerals are never easy, but they are a way of saying goodbye and celebrating a life,… and I hope your Art class went well, with no harm from the ‘brain picking’ (terrible picture of scalpels in my mind now !! ) … have a good one my friend, the suns shining here on a brand new day.. yesterday was a three hankie one, today is dry!!
    Many thanks for your wonderful comment, it meant a lot…I know I’m a trial and very emotional but I blame it on my jeans.. (spelling correct at time of print.) … I washed them and they’ve become tighter than usual, can’t be the choccies I’ve been stuffing for comfort?.. now can it? 😉 … hugs to you, Tango and Ruby… from a podged me… xx

    • Hello Pen my dear friend, I do hope you’re having a better day, just accept the grey threads, in life’s tapestry they make the gold ones shine more brightly.
      The funeral was, well, just the run of the mill funerals, very sad for the family and close friends, everyone else just goes to pay respects, good food afterwards, I didn’t save you any as i gather you’ve been overindulging 🙂
      The art class was quite good, apart from one very loud noisy female, but I think she’s got a slight problem, I’ll sit a bit further away, i’m not the most patient of people, sorry. but if she’s very talented, i might just change my mind and my seating arrangements.
      BTW, you are NOT a trial, there’s shoulder here to cry on any time, we all need it at times. you have my number, so don’t be shy.
      I know what you mean about washing jeans, I get the same problem, seriously trying hard to keep my weight below 8’7″
      Hope tomorrow is a ‘no hankie’ day for you. hugs and licks from we 3

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