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Just a quickie

I made a banana loaf to-day, first time for a while, as the last time I made this particular one it fell in the middle what a disaster it was, the gulls enjoyed it though, it was the first time I’d baked in this oven so I have to get used to the temps. so I bought an oven thermometer to be on the safe side, Mine read a different setting, so I adjusted it. I had some ripe bananas hanging on the hangman’s noose so I was determined to have another go,

Huh, I must be losing my marbles , after I’d creamed the butter, or so I thought, I added the eggs, and realized the butter wasn’t creamed enough, it was still a bit solid here and there.  mistake no one,

I had to add mashed banana, and flour and sugar a bit at a time. Then when I was clearing up, I noticed there was some sugar left in a dish, oh no, the cake was in the oven so I just said a few choice swear words to make me feel better and let it cook. Here is a pic, I don’t know what it’s going to taste like, I also don’t know why the heck I baked it as I’m going out for a meal to-night and I’m on a ‘don’t open the food cupboard of fridge’ diet. will I ever learn,

I’ve also got a loaf in the breadmaker, so please Lor’ I’m not having a completely bad cooking day. though it would help the diet should it be so.

I just  heard the bread beeper ping to take the bread out, I think it looks OK


  1. Slurp! Looks wonderful Arlene! Even if it turns out not quite as intended still looks great!
    Saw another Ruby today btw…she proved to be a gorgeous 18 wk old Border Collie x Dalmatian pup! She was already the size of the average adult collie but you want to have seen her…she was really beautiful…looks like a Border Collie but her coat pattern reminded me of a Snow Leopards pelt. She was dark blue-merlish with black rosette markings overlaying it…a real stunner and she really drew attention from the general public with her unusual markings, she was also very headstrong and needed a very firm hand to stop her eating her new human “friends” who all fell instantly in love with her, alive!! Very very pretty dog, complete with baby pink collar and lead!!! 🙂

    • Hi Wolfie, thanks for visit, always nice to see you here.
      Were you tempted by the Bormatian, or is it Dalollie ?? but a pink collar and lead, !! oh no. Where did you see this then?

  2. aaaaah!! I just followed the delicious aroma, and (Pen points above Arlenes head) “what’s that over there?” she cries, then much to Arlene’s surprise, she has it away with the cake and bread… I’ll never let you in again, Arlene said… BUT TOO LATE EH?!!! Mmm mmm lovely…and I think there’s enough sugar in it, so no problems.. . Hugs to Tango, Ruby and not forgetting Barney… oh and the chef of course. can’t forget the chef!! 😀 xPenx

    • You clever girl that you are, such a way with rhyming, BUT, madam, you have shot yourself in the foot, I had invited JD to come and sample the goodies, AND the invitation was extended to yourself, now, as I suppose you’ve scoffed the lot, on your own, serves you right, as I will have to cancel, JD he will probably never accept another if he cottons on to the sort of ‘friends’ I have, so the laughs on you Pen. 🙂 no good trying to make up to me with hugs, even Tango is cross as he wanted so much to meet JD too, Ruby’s not so keen as she fears he may just cut off her head with that big sword, which he would have used to slice the cake for us. oh, I am so cross.
      Ten penances and I just may forgive you. hugs will come later.

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