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Catch up

Hi all, I am sorry not to have got  back and thanked you all for your comments, but I have had a very busy couple of days. First, the show was good, the weather being much better than forecast, one little shower with the rest od the day a mixture of warm when the sun came out, to chilly and gusty at other times, but it was bearable. I got up at 4.45 am arrived at the show 7.45 am and home and judged around 35 dogs, a long and tiring day.  For anyone who doesn’t know i judge competition obedience, not breed, The dog’s intelligence not how it looks. , that’s my last appointment this year, thankfully, i do admit to getting tired especially the next day, gone are the days when I would go out clubbing when I got home. !

Sunday morning I hoped to catch up neglected garden chores, when my daughter phoned inviting me to a latish lunch, I do enjoy Jason’s cooking, so wouldn’t refuse.   A friend of Karen’s was also invited, and afterwards we took the dogs for a walk, Karen has 4, Sue her friend has 5, I’ve got 2 + got barney for a week, we met up with other friends, Dot and Fay and there dogs another 5, so that made 17 dogs in total, all getting on and having a whale of a time. I d wish I’d had the camera.

When we got back to Karen’s we decided to play on the Wii it was beat music  John Travolta style, you have to keep time and mime to the figure on the screen, gaining points, My 13yr grand daughter challenged me, and I beat her twice, Smile she was not pleased Smile typical teenager. bless.

I had an embarrassing moment on Monday when I was at the doctor for physio,

I  wanted to use the loo  which is just off the waiting room [only disabled or gents], there was no light, so Ire- opened the door to check where the ‘throne’ was, and did the necessary, saw a cord dangle which I thought was a light, pulled it, it was an alarm! ee-aw, ee-aw, next minute someone was banging on the door, and a red light flashing . ,  you never saw panties and trousers come up so quick, I came out red faced to a sea of smirks and enquiring looks, you never saw such a quick exit to the car park .

Hope to catch up with some of you soon.

Till I can, Thanks for now

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  1. Now I’ve stopped laughing…brilliant post! Your visit to the throne was hilarious lol 😉 I also love the thought of you out doing a teenager on a Wii 😉 on top of judging and then joining a 17 strong dog pack lol I think you deserve a rest 🙂

    • A rest !, what’s that Wolfie, i’ve been gardening solid for two days I think I’ll be glad to see the rain that’s been forecast for tomorrow, just to spend a day indoors. glad you enjoyed the post. It could have been so embarrassing if they’d had a master key and used it before I got my pants up. 😮
      Thanks for visit, I know time’s not always on your side either.

      • HoooOOOOWWWWLLLLLLLoooooooL!! A master key? Before you got your pants up??!!! Oh dear! Now I am ROTFL again Arlene!! 😉
        Oh and a rest is what you get when you don’t take one and end up doing your back in so you have no choice but to rest!!

  2. ah I love toilet humour, Arlene, and I can well imagine the scene you described, hilarious now but at the time…ooOPs… 😀 Sounds like you had a busy but rewarding and exhilarating time, before showing your granddaughter a move or two. Hope the physio’s working fine and improving your shoulder. Woofs and hugs to you three from me. xPenx

    • Hi Pen, sorry to have neglected you of late, but I really just haven’t had long enough to sit at the computer, plus I’m so tired, I wonder if it’s partly the medication I’m on, but \i can hardly keep my eyes open after 9 pm.
      Yes it was amusing to see Rhianna’s face, typical teenage pout. 🙂 she’ll get her own back somehow.
      Yesterday was the anniversary of Jet’s passing, 6 years, but it’s getting easier. The others had extra hugs, some left over for you XX

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