Arlene and two adopted dogs.

Just a blog from someone who loves to communicate with other dog owners

Spring flowers

Click on the snowman, it should bring up a black page, click anywhere and run your mouse over, cute and cool have fun



  1. That was fun, fun, fun. I happily filled the entire page.

    • I did that and then pressed ‘print screen, then pasted it into an editing programme, and had fun with it, you could make a nice background for your blog.

  2. Aww 🙂 That was lovely! Had a lot of fun with that and I’m sure that spring has now returned! As to where everybody is…I think they’re all becoming so absorbed in their own blogs and upping their ratings that they forget to make time for other peoples! Never fear tho Arlene…they will soon be back when they aren’t getting any attention on their own blogs cos everyone’s stopped bothering! lol 🙂 Wicked Wolfie hugs 🙂

  3. Lovely feeling to have a scrub up and then relax, I thought the flower thingy was cute enough to share, but WHERE IS EVERYBODY, I’m getting average of two visitors to this site now, I’m beginning to think I’m wasting my time with it, FB is beckoning again. sigh.
    What would I do without you….my friend. Tango and Ruby say welcome back Pen licky, lick XX

  4. Thanks Arlene, I’m newly showered, hairs all sweet smelling and styled and it’s been a great relaxing morning after the hectic last few days, and this was just wonderful, I clicked and clicked (mouse wise) to my hearts content, (oh yes, I had fun) and now I’m all smiley!! hugs to you,Tango and Ruby, from sweet smelling me. 🙂 xPenx

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