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Spend, spend, spend

I went to TK Max to-day,  for those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a cheap store that sells designer and good labels cheap, I went into one in a retail out of town park, just for a nose around, and saw a pair of trainers reduced from £45.00 to £24, Hi Tech waterproof and hardwearing, brilliant size three too, BUT they were a tiny bit on the tight side, I searched for a slightly larger size but no go.

I decided this morning I just gotta have some, and went along to another TK Max store at the Castlepoint shopping complex. , guess what, I was spoilt for choice, and came home with three pairs for just over £60.00, and they all fit , size 3.1/2 . OK they’re not waterproof, but with a £1.20 can of waterproofing aerosol I’ll soon sort that out. I am so  pleased, I can now dump the ancient old broken down clod-hoppers I’ve been wearing. I’m so pleased I’m putting them on  here Just what I need for walking the dogs.

You’d think I’d never had a new pair of shoes before, but having small feet, I usually have to rely on bargains and sales if not I pay full price.


Old ones for rubbish bin 


New Ones


  1. Arlene found you here so leaving another comment, TK MAX I would have to go to Plymouth about 25miles from me. oH WELL have a happy walk with the GALS. XXSheila 🙂

    • Hi Sheila nice to see you on here, I’m getting a bit confused as to where you’re going to pop up next LOL
      The weather has been just perfick for dog walking. took a couple of pics on my phone, have to wait till tomorrow though. too lazy to get up off the chair. 🙂 hugs to Wile-e

  2. What fantastic footwear! We have a big TK Max here, used to be a popular work place for all the illegals till immigration caught up with them 🙂 You’ve got a great deal there 🙂 Congratulations! No wonder you’re keen to get them on your footsies and go dog walking lol 😉 Do be careful though…you don’t want Tango or Ruby…or worse…WOLFIE to chew them do you?!! Wolfie hugs 🙂

    • Thanks Wolfie, I love TK Max so does my younger daughter, her hubby says they’d go out of business if we stopped shopping there.
      Wore the white ones when Out with the dogs this afternoon, they were so white and pristine, they just screamed..NEW SHOES EVERYBODY, LOOK lol 🙂
      BTW You keep your white wolfie fangs away from my tootsie wear, or else!!

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