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Reading matters

This little blog is about my library books. I love reading.   When I was a child my nose was always in a book, I loved fairy tales, and anything that was ‘other worldly’  As I got a bit older  The Arabian Nights captured my imagination, and gave me a fascination for the Far East that I still have to this day I was never a fan of Enid Blyton  [too mundane] or, unfortunately, the classics, [too much like work]  I was  very fond of Nature books of all description, The Song of Hiawatha fed that love of nature with the sense of mysticism . I have on old copy that I take out of the book case form time to time and lose myself in the rhythm and cadence of the words that just flow like water over boulders in a stream.

When I discovered White Fang and Call of the Wild, it fed my love of animals, particularly dogs, my love for  German Shepherds came from reading White Fang.

As I ‘matured’ my tastes changed and I got more into the larger weightier novels, Gone With the Wind,  War and Peace, Sarum, now there’s a magnificent tale, A factual fantasy about the inception of Salisbury Cathedral from the Ice age to present, Wonderful and a gift to the imagination.

A book I read with fascination was Diana Gabaldon’s Cross-stitch, a  trilogy about a woman on holiday in Scotland, who hears noises coming from the standing stones, she  goes between a space to find it and finds herself transported back in time to the Battle of Culloden, a wonderful tale of fantasy of how she falls in love there.

I also went through a period of reading historical novels [well who hasn’t]  discovering  things about the  kings and Queens of  England we never learned at school.

I still go to my local library,, some days I can’t find a single book that I like so come home with an armful just hoping there may be something that appealed , other days I want every single book I open and again come away with an armful, this time hoping to get through them before the due back date, though I always have to renew them at least twice.

Last time I went to the library  a book took my fancy, a true story about a nurse who dedicated her life to looking after the orphans and children maimed by war and poverty in Vietnam, Cambodia was a harrowing and riveting story, unfortunately it was what’s called a Fast- Back, which meant it had to be returned within a fortnight and could not be renewed.   I did my best to read it in time, but despite burning the midnight oil on occasions, the last two chapters were skimmed through, which  slightly spoiled the enjoyment of the book, so I don’t think I’ll get any more Fast-Backs.

That’s it for now folks.


  1. Lovely post Arlene! And you do sound like me though I must confess to having thoroughly enjoyed Enid Blyton books!! I too read Call of the Wild and White Fang and they fed my love of animals too 🙂 Like you the library was, and often still is a place to leave with armfuls of books, some good, some bad…well you don’t always know till you start snouting through them do you? Rarely do I get through them in time for the return date resulting in large fines…troublesome things cos if they don’t get paid within a suitable time they block internet useage on their PCs till you do! That is of course after several renewals, by which time the fines have grown but hopefully the books have been read and inspiration gained! lol 😉 Hugs to you,Tango and Ruby 🙂

    • Catching up on comments Wolfie, You are naughty letting your book accumulate fines, money is too hard to come by. you can get email reminder which is useful, I really grudge paying for over due books.
      I just love reading, but don’t get enough time now b*&%$£#@y computers 🙂

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