Arlene and two adopted dogs.

Just a blog from someone who loves to communicate with other dog owners

Just to say

I’ve got bloggers block folks but just wanted to say

Thanks for your visits, don’t forget me .


  1. Echoing Wolfie, Arlene, you’re on memory list, I always check in, (mind you, when my memory goes what then? 😉 ) … Hope the blockage clears soon, um ..have you tried drain clear?.. always works for me.. (Ok….Ok I’m off!!) hugs and woofs to you three xPenx

    • Oh Pen, please don’t lose your memory, I can’t do without you and the few friends I have
      I shall go shopping to-morrow for some Drain clear, and hope it does the trick. 🙂

  2. AWWW thanks Wolfie, I always think of something when I’m out with dogs, but by the time I get home – it’s all gone. Off to my Karen’s for lunch tomorrow, so no chance then either. Just got up to put on my leccie blanket[ don’t you dare laugh] and noticed I hadn’t washed up, the sink is full of dishes, *%$#~ well i’m not doing them now,the can wait till 2morrow, off to bed shortly.
    Sloppy licks from two sleepy dogs.

  3. No problem 🙂 No danger of forgetting you Arlene! No danger at all I can assure you 😉
    Actually you’re not the first person to check in with that bloggers block recently. Both here and Blogger I notice. Must be contagious! Hope it goes away soon and you’re back with us asap.
    Wolfie hugs 🙂

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