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My daughter’s birthday

Remember I said that last week it was Arlene’s birthday and we went out for a meal last Thursday to celebrate, we had a nice evening and here are a few photos.

arlene at birthday

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arlene's b'day 1

Happy Birthday!

arlene's b'day 3

It’s good here and fun.

GArlene's birthday at Prezza

I’m at the back in the corner

Darryln and Nicola-birthday

Darryl and Nicola Arlene’s middle daughter and Tommy’s Mum

Jasonn''Karen-arlene's b'day

Karen , my younger daughter and Husband Jason

karen and arlene birthday

My two girls

Lisa and Jon at birthday

Lisa , Arlene’s oldest and husband Jon


Martin, Arlene’s husband

lisa and tommy arlene's b'day

Lisa and Tommy

Nicola - birthday

Nicola, Tommy’s Mum

tommy with b'day cake

Tommy my great grandson

Sarah and Ross -birthday

Sarah, Arlene’s youngest and boy friend Ross


  1. What a lovely family you have Arlene 🙂 And so many smiles and happy faces…great to see, and the photos are very cool 🙂

    • Thanks Wolfie, and nice to see you made it here. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. CatsRuS

    You have a beautiful family Arlene, looks like a good time was had by all!

    • Thank you Robyn, I appreciate that and them !

  3. ’twas lovely seeing the get-together via your photo’s Arlene, looks like a wonderful and happy Birthday treat for your daughter. You have a lovely family, many thanks for sharing.. 😀
    …. on a different tack, how’s Tango?… I’m thinking abut him and hoping he’s ok… special hugs to him. and hugs to of course to you and Ruby… ’tis pouring down here, but I don’t mind, sometimes the sound of rain is quite soothing… xPenx

    • Thank you Pen, we are just a normal family,but are all good friends thankfully, I do feel sorry when I hear people say they don’t speak to a sister or brother or even a parent, Owing to our circumstances in the past I’ve always tried to instil into my girls that we only have each other so any rows means losing over 30% of your family, if a disagreement starts, walk away before it becomes a major disagreement.
      Tango is ‘iffy’ sleeps a lot and when I look at him he has that hollow eyed look you see in old dogs, but he’s eating well and his rear end probs have cleared up, thankfully, apprecaite your kind thoughts of him..
      We had horrendous rain last night and as I was indoors tucked in the armchair I didn’t mind one bit. hugs fromm me and lollopy licks from the k9’s.

  4. Loved the photo of Tommy and the birthday cake, what a delighted look he has on his face…..

    • He’s just at that age, loveable one minute and a little devil the next. Thanks for visiting.

  5. what an beautiful family you have… the smiles are so warm and thoughtfull… Happy Birthday!

    • Welcome and thank you for your kind comment

  6. Curiosity abounds

    So nice to see the smiles and laughter even in the pics that aren’t being posed for.

    • Thanks Anne we usually do have a good evening when we get together.

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