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To-day’s catch up

Yesterday was a nice day so I decided it was too good not too spend the day in the garden catching up, plus taking a couple of photos, and as to-day is a bit miserable the garden will have to take a back seat, so a good time to catch up on the computer.

I have to go to my older daughter’s to-morrow as it is her birthday, and Thursday I have a scan on my shoulder.

I think my little friends below were looking for some fun with each other.




It would do the pair of them to get out in the garden too by the look of things.


These are very pretty They are Princess Lilies, called after the late Princess Diana if I remember.




This female stag beetle had fallen into a flower pot and couldn’t get out, I left her there till I got the camera, as we see so few of these little creatures, I have’.t see a male for a long time. I always leave some dead wood and branches behind the shrubs for them and other creatures to live, so I’m sure they’re there, but I’m reluctant to go poking around.



She decided to give this branch a nip, their bite is apparently quite hard compared to the male, who’s antlers are much bigger, hence the name, but I wasn’t going to test it out.


This is my Sunset Rose, a patio rose my daughter gave me Mothering Sunday some years ago now. it never lets me down, comes into bloom every year.


I decided to cut the spent branches of the Buddliea , Tango thought they’d make a nice bed

Can’t say that Ruby is much more help either, just waiting to see if I’ll play ball.



And again, Tango the Tired one.





  1. Ooops! Ruby and Tango were no help in the garden at all were they! Hope things are improving with your shoulder by the way? Lovely photos 🙂

    • Hi Wolfie No they are no help at all bless them, maybe \I should have put my training time to garden apprenticeship instead of ring work, LOL I’ve got to go for some physio for the shoulder, it’s apparently damaged tendons, the medication I’m on is helping, thanks for asking.

      • Ouch! Damaged tendons is not good! But it IS good that the medication is helping and hoefully the physio will pummel them back into full working order 🙂

  2. Those two dogs of your’s Arlene seem to be living the ideal life…

    • They have a wonderful life Lady Jude, If I am resurrected and have a choice of form, I will come back as one of my dogs :-))

  3. Hi Pen, i hope the memories aren’t as painful, or not too often.
    Tango just loves to lie in anything in the garden that I have disturbed, also on my newly raked gravel.
    I’m looking forward to going to Arlene’s Thursday, i’m giving to-morrow her actual birthday a miss, as it’s a 22 mile round trip, it gets a bit much sometimes.
    I will take a doggie bag and IF there’s any food left over, it’s yours.. unless of course Tango doesn’t get in first, Ruby doesn’t mind. but they send you extra hugs and licks with one for Bess’ memory XXXXX

  4. ahhh , Great to see Tango and Ruby helping you int’ garden Arlene, 😉 … reminded me so much of someone else, who would try her best to stop any stupid tidying up, as surely if I had spare time it should be spent on play, with her of course … Loved the photo’s and aint it always the same, even with stag beetles, the female of the species has the worst bite. 😀 …. Hope the scan goes ok, and have a great time at your daughters, birthday party? ..cake , and stuff? doggie bag?… I know, always on the scrounge… hugs and woofs, to you three from me. xx Pen xx

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