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Last night

Last evening I went to see Calendar Girls at the Pavilion Theatre with some my dance group, we had planned it some time ago and we were looking forward to it, First we were going to Harry Ramsdens for Fish n Chip supper at 5.30.,. It was going to be a long day so I took the dogs out at 3.15, home by 4 pm, got the beauty treatment kit out and let it work it’s magic, tweaked up the hair, fed the dogs and left home at 4.30, I had to be at Mary’s 4.45, I had arranged for a friend to let the dogs out around 7 pm, All went according to plan, and off we went for a good evening. We had a nice meal of fish n chips followed by bread and butter pudding with custard followed by tea, lovely… got to our seats 5th row back,

I hadn’t  been there before and was a bit concerned to see the seats were on a flat plane, not tiered, oh, oh, doesn’t look good. as I’m only 5 feet tall, or short, whichever way you look at it, and wondered who should be sitting in front,

OH——— NO,  the female equivalent of a Sumo wrestler sat in front of little me with a slightly smaller version next to her. I do not exaggerate when I say she blocked out half the stage, , not only was she big and wide, she had fluffed out hair with bits sticking out at the sides, 

The show was completely spoiled for me, no matter which way I moved she always seemed to move in the same direction, and I had to think of the person behind, At the interval, I apologised to her, but she waved it aside and said she could see the problem.

A couple of times I just shut my eyes and listened to the dialogue.

Not a very happy bunny last night, but to-day I could see the funny side, and let’s face it, Sumo girl has to live with that weight, I don’t.

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby


  1. HI Arlene, thanks for dropping by and for your concern. I’m fine and away from the troubles, which seem to be mainly concentrated in the town centre and under the cover of darkness., scum bag cowards that they are. (sorry for the language but they’re really making me feel angry as hell) … A minority of morons, who unfortunately feel themselves underprivileged and out of reach of the law of the land. The sooner they’re stopped the better… hugs to you 3 from a hot headed me.. xPenx

    • arlene

      Well that’s a relief Pen, fortunately I too am way out of the way from them, I feel heart sorry for those who are in the middle of it, I just don’t know what the world is coming too, especially with some of the youth, I was brought up in Glasgow, and it could be rough in some parts, but it was confined to gangs between themselves, nothing on the scale of this shower. I think it’s too late for many of those who are involved in this stuff, but the government or whoever will have to have a right old re-think about how the next generation is being brought up, let the parents and the schools discipline them as appropriately as necessary, and do away with all these ‘rights’
      Off my soapbox now. hugs to you from us 3. XXX

  2. I hate when this happens Arlene, and I get so uptight it spoils the night, (good grief, why am I always rhyming?) … It a shame it;s not like the Cinema where you can change it’s not full.. What you needed was Harry Potters wand, and the cry … ‘smallus Sumois’..and a quick flick and bobs yer uncle… No probs… Sigh, but life’s never that kind, and as you say, she has to live with the weight… Hope the shoulders less painful, and hugs to you, Tango and Ruby, from me. xPenx

    • arlene

      Unfortunately the theatre was full so I had no choice. An HP’s wand sounds just the ticket for peeps like me and LAdy Jude, and though I hate being small I think I’d prefer it to being a big fat lady.
      The shoulder’s woken me up, and is why I’m sitting in bed at 1.30 am typing. sigh.
      How I wish I could be like T&R, lying so relaxed and sound asleep. even through the thunderstorm earlier.

      • soft hugs, and a wish that HP’s wand was a fact instead of a figment of J K Rowling’s imagination. and woofs to the other two…..xPenx

  3. I always have the same problem Arlene, I’m also very petite…..

    • arlene

      We should start a petition Lady Jude, anyone over 5’4″ must sit at the back of the theatres.!

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