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Harsh justice

I read in the paper to-day [now yesterday] about the British man who has been put on trial in Singapore for pinching a girls’ bottom in a club, He faces a £6.000 fine , two years in jail or a lashing if found guilty, It all seems a bit harsh or is it? Maybe we in the |west are a bit too lax, I don’t know, but I pose the question, would any of you ladies feel so outraged if a man did this to you, or would you consider it a compliment.?

On a lighter note I’ve put up some photos I took on my dog walk yesterday

along the cliffs

This the view towards the East from  Barton on Seadown the cliff path

This path is officially closed due to cliff erosion

flying sepia

I was playing with the settings when I spotted the glider coming along

  Barton on sea

Here he comes

flying 2

Doesn’t it look so peaceful! it was a beautiful day, I did envy him

     Up, Up and awayflying 1

Not long after he was joined by another glider, but they stayed well out of range.


  1. I think we should be aware of the boundaries set by other countries, Arlene, and abide by them. Bottom pinching sounds harmless but the action is an invasion of privacy and I suppose could be viewed as an assault… I don’t think I’ve ever had mine pinched here, and don’t think I’d like it either. BUT saying that the penalties are a bit extreme, an apology from him and a smack on the wrist surely would suffice?…
    Oh to fly in the air, (but also feel safe?) … it does look such a peaceful pastime, great photo’s Arlene, and I do envy you your scenery, … except for the crumbling cliff path… are they able to fix the problem or is it ongoing? … Hugs and woofs to you three from me. xPenx

    • I go along with what you say Pen, and what i meant was it rather harsh, He certainly won’t do it again no matter where he is. So if he’s around my way, bang goes my chances to see how I’d re-act. :-), as it’s never happened to me either, I really don’t know.
      The gliders do look peaceful don’t they, but TBH they tend to look down at you a bit superciliously when they glide past. Where’s that pea shooter.?
      I think I opened a bit of a can of worms with this one, as I said to Kirsten, maybe I’m a bit of a loose women with dubious morals LOL as I didn’t really think bottom pinching was such a big deal, but then maybe I’m just jealous. Now if JD had done it, I’d let him go to prison, only if I could go with him.;-))))

  2. Another wayward Brit falling foul of foreign law again! Will they never learn? He surely must have known they’d take a very dim view of such behavior and if he didn’t he should have done his homework before he went! It does sound well over the top to me too but as he was probably very drunk at the time its self inflicted and doesn’t provoke too much sympathy. And yes I also think we are far too easy going on criminals and those who disrespect us.
    Your dog walk sounds lovely and the photos are great!

    • Bet he’s very sorry [for himself]
      DOg walk was lovely, I do love the sunshine.

  3. that looks like fun! i would love to go gliding, or parasailing. i am certainly looking forward to getting back to the beach!

    as for the pinching man … i dont know if thats too harsh, but i would not conider it a compliment if some man came up and pinched my bum! he might loose his fingers! who is he to go up to strangers and touch them? what if that were your daughter? no, i take a pretty harsh view to that myself.

    • I’m still on two minds Kirsten. maybe I’m a loose woman 😦

  4. If he looked like Brad Pitt, I’d take it as a compliment… If he looked sleazy I’d scream blue murder…..

    • Kevin Costner or Johnny Depp for me Lady Jude.

  5. CatsRuS

    Hi Arlene, Well, yest, I’d be very outraged and certainly would not see it as a compliment. Nobody touches me like that and gets away with it. As for the lashing, I’d give the little creep a lashing myself. I caught someone once in a line up outside a nightclub when I was young and felt something rub up against my leg, I looked down behind me and saw some jerk on all fours looking up my skirt. I was wearing 3 inch spike heels, so I ‘accidently’ stepped back full weight onto the back of his hand. OOPS! LOL He deserved it.

    • Well, that certainly did deserve what you gave him harsh justice is very deserving, I’d love to have seen his face. LOL

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