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I’ve had a pretty busy few days since Saturday, on that day gardening, shopping, and preparing for a dog show next day, Sunday up at 4 am Sue’s by 5.45 a quick run in Forest with the five dogs and at the dog show by 8 am, judged till 4.30 and home by around 7.30 pm, in a non stop sunshine day, such a change from my last judging stint where it rained non stop. Bed by 9 pm, next day Monday, playing catch up and dancing club in the evening, Tuesday, a girl friend up and out for lunch back and watched some DVD’s of her trip to America plus some, as it rained all afternoon we didn’t get in a walk we’d planned. This morning took out dogs in pouring rain but since I got home the sun has come out.
Thought I’d have the afternoon on the computer to do some blogging and catch up, plus I have to write out my show report.
I have a desk top with XP and a lap top with Vista, During the day I use the desktop as it’s attached to the scanner and printer. When it hasn’t been used for a couple of days t plays up, and to-day it played up big time, It tales nearly two minutes to boot and then it will freeze, take ages to connect to the internet, then freeze again, asks me if I want to renew and pay for out of date anti virus, which I don’t as I’ve changed it, but I keep getting pop ups, then my current one wants to update, so I allowed it , but that meant another start up. Today it told me that my certification was wrong for Google and had to reset the time and date, which I discovered had reverted to 1st January 2001, I have to keep re-applying passwords and user names for Google, Yahoo, WP and Blogger, by this time I have now over run lunch and been on here for 1.1/2 hours and hardly done anything, FRUSTRATED ? you bet.
I’m really wondering whether to maybe get another laptop to replace this desktop or try transferring everything on the the external hard drive and ditch it [desk top] altogether, But that means a lot of work that I’m not sure I’m techie enough to cope with, also stuff I’ve put on the external HD I find isn’t so easy to locate, FRUSTRATED ? you bet.
anyone got any sane and sensible ideas for me, but while I’m waiting for the dozens of replies I’m sure to get, I’m off to replenish my grumbling tum. before I get an ulcer, Then I’ll come back and write up my dog report. HUH!
Now then I’m writing this on Live writer old version and when I tried to publish it has just informed me I haven’t got the authority to add a category, error 401, so I have to do a C&P job. FRUSTRATED? very


  1. I have a friend with an XP desktop who’s been having similar problems to the ones you describe. She was advised to add more memory which she did but now she is running low on virtual memory. The computer is about 10 years old so she’d probably be better getting a new one…probably better value than a repair job or buying new hardware for it…also are you using the latest version of IExplorer? Or are you using Chrome instead? Might be useful to upgrade to latest version of Live Writer too…

    Sympathise with the updates problem etc! This happens on my XP netbook as I don’t use it too jfrequently now so instantly demands dozens of security updates and then there’s always a backlog of Windows updates to catch up with…and of course being a netbook it only has a little memory and not especially speedy processor so…no chance of doing anything else with it until it’s finished dealing with all the updates! Then there’s getting online…stop start…stop stop start…splutter…stop stop stop…start…lol so yes! Deepest sympathies!!

  2. I don’t have that kind of problems Arlene, My son has brought us the latest computer you can buy and there’s heaps of space for downloads etc… This computer handles everything with a breeze, well my son likes to buy the very best of everything and then he decided to give it to me for Christmas so it’s mine now… I don’t use laptops but my son owns one, you ned to have a son Arlene that’s my advice…. They solve all the tech and computer problems, so we can relax and enjoy our blogging experiences together…

  3. What a maddening day on your PC. It can drive you crazy, it does me. Thank goodness I have my son to work it all out. Sounds like you had a good day with the dog show.

    • arlene

      Can I borrow him, just parcel him up and send him over please.
      Got another dog show this Saturday., fingers crossed for a nice day, thanks for visiting. X

  4. i have gone through similar problems with desktops. havent had a laptop yet, but i plan to get one.
    my solution has always been to take the tower to bestbuy to the geek squad … they run diagnostics, and can fix the problems. usually.

    but first i would recommend checking to make sure the back of your tower is clean and free of dust and pet hair. you would be surprised how quickly it can get mucked up. you can vaccum it and also use those canned compressed air canisters.
    then also you can try clicking start, then programs, then accessories. there you will find disk cleanup and disk defragmentor. that might help, but its not a real fast task. also your antivirus program should offer some sort of diagnosis, if you havent already tried that.
    last you can click on start, then control panel (right side of start menu), and on the control panel find ‘add/remove programs’. this gives you the option to remove obsolete programes that might be bogging down your computer. just be sure you only remove programes you know you added, like your old antivirus. if you dont feel comfortable with that, then taking it to be serviced is the next step.

    i hope some of this helps … i know the frustration with this kind of thing. its like the computer loses its mind, and can no longer follow commands or do simple tasks. argh!

    • arlene

      Hi Kirsten Thanks for all your tips, I’d like to take it to be fixed, but they charge a fortune but I would if it was my one and only.
      I haven’t used the vacuum treatment, so I will. I have done the add/delete bit and got rid of a couple that I knew of, but there are so many progs i’m just not too sure about, in fact, I haven’t a clue what they are or for. so i daren’t touch them.
      I’ve done cc cleaner and defragged. Maybe it just wants a bit of TLC EVERY day. LOL, but I’ll try the vacuuming treatment. thanks for your help.

  5. Oh Dear..Arlene, I get the distinct impression you’re feeling very frustrated.. and that technology is picking on you something rotten…I’ve only got a PC tower with XP on it, and fingers crossed for the time being she’s behaving herself, (I have to type this very quietly and s l o w l y.. ‘cos I don’t want to hurt my PC’s feelings, she gets very uptight sometimes 😉 ) .. but a few months ago Windows wouldn’t load at all, kept going round in loops, so in the end I had to re-load and overwrite using my Windows XP Disc, and my oh my what fun, a whole day of downloading all the Windows Updates needed, it was like watching paint dry without the added excitement, and then re-load all the missing programmes, (the ones I could remember) … and fingers crossed everything’s worked purr-fectly since then. I’m sorry that I have no suggestions for your problems, but I am full of sympathy and making sympathetic noises…Can you hear them?
    I do hope there’s someone who can help sort it all out, but to me sounds like you have a gremlin, (You didn’t leave any food out after midnight so’s it could snack did you? )… ..
    Hugs and woofs to You, Tango and Ruby from me and this lovely, reliable machine of mine. (pat.pat) xPenx

    • arlene

      Hi Pen, that’s what I’ve got, but does it give me grief, though physically I find it easier to use than my laptop, so I’m reluctant to part with it,after what you’ve said about re-loading I think I’ll pass, thanks for your sympathy though, more than I get from these two lazy dogs, they’ve been asleep all day, they perked up when I took them out, long enough to send Auntie Pen hugs. XX

      • just dropping by to wish you and t’other two a great Wednesday Arlene, … the skies are darkening here, (no not a creepy portent , just a weather notice 😉 ) …. hugs aplenty. . xxxPenxxx

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