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Playing silly beggars with the camera

I’ve been messing around and thought I’d do my own emoticons.

cry baby  me with hatme with hat 2P1010565P1010572P1010578P1010581P1010583P1010595sleepy head


  1. SandySays1

    Arlene, you rascal-ette you. Can a delayed stage career be eminent? I love pics! Got any baby pics? I’ve got some to show.

    • Hi Sandy, I thinks maybe I was a frustrated Shirley Temple or maybe Joan Crawford LOL and no I don’t think they had cameras when I was a baby , I lie I have one that is if you meant of me.

  2. fantastic and fun, fun, fun photo’s Arlene, any one of which would make a wonderful avatar!! (my choice is the saucy wink one 😉 ) Thanks for the smiles and laughter… Hugs to you three from me. xPenx

    • arlene

      Surprising you should mention that about the avatar Pen, as I was thinking the same thing., might do it when I’ve got some time, glad you enjoyed them, just a bit of a senior moment and giving in to my battiness. Hugs from we 3 {{hug}}

  3. that was fun!

    • arlene

      Hi Kirsten, glad you liked them, thanks for your visit.

  4. Love this post Arlene! It really gave me a laugh this morning, especially the one where your punching the screen! Which emoticon does that represent I wonder? I did once have a bash at doing some in Messenger. I love the hat one!

    • arlene

      HI TG nice to see you too and glad you enjoyed my silly 5 minutes. I can’t see where I’m punching the screen. I’m crying, flirting, showing off my hat,smiling, thinking, laughing, saying hush [is that it] ? winking, sneezing and sleeping. I did a few more but a bit they were a bit too obscure. Put yours on here and give us all a griggle, I wore the hat to hide my hair as I’ve just had it cut short.

      • Sorry! It was me not looking right! (must get some new glasses!) Must be the flirting one I think! LOL

  5. Oh Arlene, what a wonderful tonic for me to be laughing so much with you. I had been dragging my heels to go to bed tonight with such a weighty mind and now I am sitting here grinning and chuckling away. I just know I shall sleep well now I have these pics to think about, thankyou for that.
    I do like the new paper and curtains by the way : )

    • arlene

      I am so glad it gave you a lift Anne I hope you’re not going through worrying times with Claire and/or Isobel, you’ve had your fair share. I do hope it cheers you up for a couple of days at least, thanks for visiting.

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