Arlene and two adopted dogs.

Just a blog from someone who loves to communicate with other dog owners

My Blog award.

This should have gone on the sidebar, but \i couldn’t work out how to do it, duh! but thanks Mumsy perhaps if you read this you could tell me how, but


  1. i think wolfie is right, glitches galore! you deserve your award, where ever it shows up 😉
    and a fitting award it is!

    • Thank you Kirsten, nice of you to say so. X

  2. Congratulations Versatile Blogger! Your difficulties getting the image where you want it, may stem simply from the tech problems occurring around W/P since they upgraded it. Lots of little glitches like this still being ironed out 🙂 Good luck with the vid’s!

    • Thanks Wolfie, I’ve tried again twice and it just shows up as posts, never mind somebody [Mumsy] thought my little bits and bobs were good enough to merit a mention.
      I’m no further with the camcorder, and now it’s lunch time, sigh

  3. add a widget from the dashboard, under Appearance, ‘Image’ and fill in the details and where you want it to appear Arlene, I think that should do it. Congratulations too… you versatile blogger you!! 🙂 xPenx

    • Thanks Pen I’ve tried and tried I was at it for nearly an hour last night apart from having to re-install chrome, much as I like WP I don’t think it’s as user friendly, in other words helpful to numpties like me, as Blogger.
      Thanks for congrats though. Now I’m hoping to upload videos IF I can get them off my camcorder, I’ve come across footage from 2007 still locked in the camcorder. Sad, or funny?, take your pick. :-))

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