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Our Father’s day out

I said in my last blog that I was going out with my daughter Arlene Martin and family for Father’s day. The girls, my grand-daughters, Lisa, Nicola and Sara took him out for breakfast, I went over around mid day, Nicola was there with Tommy, and as Sara  still lives at home she was there, we met Lisa in the car park after she’d been to church. Tango and Ruby went in Martin’s van , Arlene drove Nicky,  Sarah and Tommy, and I went with Lisa. off to Kimmeridge Bay

The younger girls Sarah and Nicola had on flip flops and leggings, little tops and flimsy cardigans, as it was chilly and quite windy, we had a good rummage through the cars for warmer clothes and footwear, Martin came up with some  work clothes and tried to get Sarah to wear an old jumper, covered in paintSurprised smile what 18 yr old is going to wear that, I don't know smilebut we all eventually got kitted out in a variety of garments. We probably looked like refugees.

The bay is a popular beauty spot and is part of the Jurassic coast, with high cliffs and lots of rocky pools with flat stones the result of erosion and where they have been worn away by the weather and sea. It is very busy in summer, with hordes of holiday makers out for the day., If you’re lucky you might find a few interesting fossils. Here are a few photos,  I took the camcorder and gave it over to Nicky to take the footage of Tommy [her little boy] I’ve got to sort out how to upload the results, I’ve only just found the software, believe it or not I’ve had it for about two years,and never uploaded anything so heaven only knows what and who is on there, so when I get time..


  1. Still winter here, complete with grey skies and rain…heatwave due tomorrow is hard to imagine right now! However it’s probably a lot warmer than where you were, from the shivers from the photos!Little Tommy is very cute 🙂

    • We did have some rain last night, but to-day was just cold and windy again, though it’s now blue skies and sunny and thankfully the wind has dropped, Off out to-,morrow family BBQ birthday bash. , the good weather has come just in time.

  2. I clicked on the photo’s and looked closer, Arlene, and felt the cold too. Brrr, we do have wonderful Summers don’t we? Lovely photo’s of the family outing though, a great Fathers Day to remember. My poem about the sea seems rather fanciful now, it calls, but give me sunshine and mellow winds too.. 🙂 xPenx
    (Hugs to you 3)

    • Hi Pen, When you get June in April and April in June, the weather is a bit topsy turvy isn’t it? I’m looking forward to the heatwave we are supposed to be having to-morrow, no sin of it yet, it was chilly and a strong wind on the cliff top to-day. BRRRRRRRR, dogs don’t care though, sending you hot sunshine and love XXXX

  3. And I am looking forward to the sunshine they have promised us at the week-end Kirsten!
    Thanks for your visit, and yes, it was a good day out, little Tommy enjoyed himself.

  4. by the way, it sounds like you had fun 😉

  5. i am so longing forward to getting to a cooler clime!

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