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Just a few photos

Hi I was clearing my computer desktop and realized I had a few photos I had left on there to blog about, , but they’re just photos with and not much else, but here they are anyhow.

2 lazy dogs    This is two lazy dogs, what a lovely life eh?


  chaffinch feedingThe baby chaffinch looks a bit bigger than the Mum on here

 bird nest 1bird nest 2 I found this little nest on the recreation ground

but as it was about 30’ away from the line of conifers I think it may have been scavenged by the crows that are  resident there.  I couldn’t see any signs of eggs or young, I can only hope it was empty when hitting the ground. It is so beautifully made, hours of work must go into making these nests, I don’t know what bird, possibly a chaffinch, too small for a blackie.

new curtainsnewcurtains by sink

I meant to put these on last week, this is my new curtains in the kitchen.


This is the state of my piggy bank after the kitchen make-over

time 4 tea

Time for a cuppa and a cake

Well that’s it folks just filling in the time.

Weather permitting to-morrow we are having a family day out at Kimmeridge bay . will take the camera and the camcorder, so we’ll see what transpires.


  1. Mumsy and Chancy

    Go grab that award and put it here too. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Thanks Mumsy, I have, though I can’t get it on the side bar, but I do appreciate it very much and am thrilled. :-X

  2. LoL 😉 Poor piggy bank! It does look very unhealthy! Your kitchen and the new curtains look lovely though 🙂 could do with changing places with Tango and Ruby at the mo. Should have been relaxing on a week off work but one of my little workers I sent home sick has been hospitalised with suspected menengitis so with no one to cover Wolfie had to go in and work…now I could sleep for a week! I loved that chaffinch…it looks twice the size of mum lol 😉 The intricacies of nests never ceases to amaze me. Such little birds and such simple creatures compared to humans but how many of us could go out and produce such skillful creations?

    • Hi Wolfie, nice to see you back here in the world of the common place, a little bit of nature [birds and nest] little bit of life [decor] and a little bit of domesticity [sleeping dogs] and a little bit of Dickensian life [poor starving pig]
      On a more serious note, I hope you work colleague is going to be all right , meningitis can be a bit grim.
      I have binned the nest now, but with a sad heart, I just hoped the little bird got away safely, it was really rather beautiful., and so cosy. 😦
      Thanks for dropping by, I’m going to load up the photos from Sunday’s day out and see what I have. I took the camcorder which my grand-daughter took charge of, so that might be interesting, IF I can work out how to load them up, ooooh how I wish I was more techie.

  3. I like what you’ve done with the kitchen… The state of that piggy bank looks like the one I could afford to have with all the bills coming in this week I’m wondering if there will be anything left to feed myself with this week….

    • LOL Lady Jude, I think we all have piggy banks that could to with a good feed, sign of the times I think. I dread the winter bills as poor piggy will have to do without just a teeny bit less to help out.
      Thanks for compliments on the decor. I am pleased with it.
      If you get really hungry, you could always shoot the piggy and boil him up ;-((
      Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Looking forward to more photo;s and maybe a a video eh? …. can’t be bad. have a great day out Arlene, and I aaah’d at the photo’s of the baby bird, and of course you two amigo’s, resting …. Lovely kitchen curtains, I do like a curtain pole, I think there’s nothing better looking as an added decoration. and that piggy bank shows the state my accounts in too… sobs!!! … Gotta wait a few months to pull back a bit of spare cash and then maybe a holiday for me. .. um. I hesitate to ask, but….. any cake left? Ok, Ok, I’m going..sheeesh!! only asking!! Hugs and stuff to you and your gang, from poor hungry starving me.. xxPenxxx

    • Hi Pen, just trying to catch up, it’s been a busy weekend then Monday night is dancing, but here I am, Glad you liked the pole, as I was a bit dubious that it might look a bit heavy for a kitchen and light curtains. The girls also liked it , so that’s pleased me.
      Maybe we should compare our piggy banks in about a year just to see who’d been most generous to him Eh?, no holiday for me on the horizon so that will help.
      Sorry cake gone and no more for a while, as Arlene is on a no cake no biscuit regime, I tried on three pairs of trousers last week and couldn’t get them to fasten up, great big sigh! so spartan diet for a while., you’re not the only one to be starving AND poor. Hugs from a well fed duo Roobs and Tango XX

  5. now that was fun! kind of a tour through your life of recent. i love the dogs, so much like my own! they know how to relax, dont they?
    of course the little birdie with its mama could have a caption like ‘i dont wanna eat my vegetables! i wanna go out and play!’
    that nest looks good enough to sleep in, ya? and the kitchen! my goodness! its beautiful! what a wonderful window! i love windows. especially in the kitchen. dont really know why …
    and tea with cake 😉 it looks good too!
    thanks for the tour!

    • Hi Kirsten, thanks for dropping by, sorry to all for lateness, but I get here in the end. like your take on the bird and his mama, good one.
      Yes the dogs love to relax, after a good run as of right now.
      I am pleased with the kitchen and glad I took the plunge though the little pig would say ‘did you have to completely milk me dry’ LOL I might just feed him a small morsel occasionally. but it will be ‘small’

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