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Got over the drenching of sunday, the tent has dried out the report has been put up on the Obedience forum the various articles for scent etc have been cleaned and put away till next show

Which puts me on to the subject of the weather, it makes a great talking point here in the uk, and makes a good conversation opener even with complete strangers,

Before I drove and relied on buses, when standing in the queue, it was almost obligatory to mention the weather, such as, it’s a nice day,or cold isn’t it, wasn’t it wet yesterday,they forecast snow, blinking freezing last night, and so on, of course that’s if there was someone else in the queue !

I wonder what we’d talk about if we didn’t have such diverse weather. somehow the cost of food or fuel or even the bank rate is more depressing and not so varied.

When I’m out walking the dogs it’s usually the daily greeting, ‘warmer this morning’, ‘ hope it clears up, i’m hoping to get back befrore it rains,’  ‘as it’s such a nice day i’ll make the walk longer’ , and so on, you could write a book on the various weather greetings.

When I was a young mum and travelled by bus with my two daughers, i’d strike up a conversation at the bus stop as you do, and of course the topic was the weather, Arlene or Karen would say   ‘do you know that person mum’?  when i’d say no, they’d look a bit concerned and ask why I spoke to them,ha ha,

One time, Arlene, who wa a bit shyer, said before we went on an outing, please don’t talk to any strangers to-day mum, you tell us not to! ., Well, there’;s a bit of young wisdom, but I’m sorry to say it didn’t make a jot of difference, as I’m a natural chatterer.

When i was a little wee girl in Glasgow, mum used to tie me to the front garden gate to stop me straying, as I was also a bit of a  wanderer,  I’d speak to everyone who passed, when the workmen were coming home from work asking them if they’d had a good day, They’d smile and pat me on the head saying Not too bad lass’  Much more innocent days then, but I can’t recall talking about the weather. 


  1. OK Wolfie, I’ll forgive you, I’m not the best example of efficiency myself, and often find it hard to keep up with comments and blogs, , gardening and family have taken precedence this past few days.
    Off to bed in a mo, having been on PC for over three hours trying to catch up………..again!
    Yeeeehah, the weather is going to be hot at the weekend, got a family birthday on Sunday, so with a bit of luck BAR-B-QQQQQQQ. all these lovely burnt sausages. LOL

  2. HooOOOOOWWWWwwwwLLLLLLooooooo! Spent the whole of last night, it would seem, de-fragging the old laptop…would never have started it if I knew it woud take so long 😉 Never got near the online world all night! So…guess what…lol it’s raining! It’s cold wet and miserable and….isn’t it just sooooooo British to want to talk about the weather!! Most natural thing in the world…nothing wrong 🙂 It’s in our genes! And when you have dogs the weather is a huge issue….wet dog day…muddy dog day…baths…soaking wet towels…hot weather dogs…heatstroke!!! Drowned rat show day dog days…break neck in snow and on ice dog walking days….windy make dogs go nutty dog days…thundery dog days….freaking out panicked dog days….lol you name it there’s a dog weather day to be considered! And of course there’s always “the dog days of summer” to think about!! 🙂

    • OOh dear Wolfie, methinks your Wolfie paws are perhaps a bit clumsy for dainty little laptops and you just pile stuff up and defragging is necessary more often than most. I haven’t got an excuse as good as that for not getting online just don’t seem to manage it as often as I’d like. but here I am,
      I had an afternoon catching up on reading a very good book, I never even got the dogs out as it absolutely teemed it down from noon till dusk.
      Today Arlen came up and we went to garden centre, and as she went at three o’clock I though to go into the garden, but, guess what, it absolutely bucketed down, so here I am, but not a happy bunny, there are flowers waiting to go in their spots, and dogs will have to be walked again. so I’m going to catch up as much as possible. bye bye for now, and keep these Wolfie paws dry. hear me now? Tango says it’s important., and he knows all. [or so he thinks]

      • My latest excuse for hardly getting on line all weekend and missing dozens of blogs, and not replying to any comments and,…well you know! is the gaining of a new mobile phone 🙂 Upgraded the windows mobile one now the contract is almost up and the handset is a real pain. It’s ironic that hotmail works on every other phone since their upgrade except for the Windows Mobile one!! I’ve spent most of the weekend setting it all up but it’s worth it. Very cool google android phone with superfast internet that WORKS!! Having a quick spin round the most important blogs…lol…before running away to go virtual horse riding 🙂
        Hard time keeping my wolfie paws dry…and yes it has to be said they can be a little bit clumsy at times…lol We’ve had pretty much none stop torrential rain too just recently. Had all 4 seasons in one day yesterday and I wonder why I’m catching so many colds of late! Garden centres are great though, even if you can’t plant your purchases right away…You have it to look forward to 🙂 Hope today was drier! Oh…and Tango does know all!!

  3. weather is a nice neutral subject, to take the stiffness out of waiting with strangers. except im always odd man out with my preference for rain and cooler climes.

    • With a name like yours Kirsten, you sound Danish or form somewhere in that region, which would explain your preference for cooler climes. or am I wrong? thanks for calling.

      • close … swedish, although im from oregon/washington, which has a cooler, wetter climate west of the cascades. half swedish, half scots/irish*french*german, with a thin streak of huron indian. yup! im a northern girl all the way!

  4. Hi Pen, Thanks for comment, and yes I agree, it would be lovely to have that age of innocence back, but it will never happen., even a kid tied to the gate post wouldn’t be safe.
    Down here on the south coast, people are fairly friendly and 99% say good morning, and usually with a comment, yes on the weather. but possibly because it’s a holiday town, they are used to all sorts of people. I still tend to strike up conversation easily, though maybe people just reply to huimour the old dear. LOL.
    To-day was miserable again to-day and the forecast isn’t too good, oh well, gives us something to talk about.Lots of hugs to cheer you from us three XX {0)

  5. ah well, being so young the weather wasn’t a prime subject for your young mind, and also being tied to the gate must have occupied your thoughts… but as you say Arlene, much more innocent days then. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have such innocence back ?… My mum said I tended to smile at everyone, and was always a happy baby and toddler., then I grew up…Only joking, as I tend to mostly smile at people, sharing wise, sometimes they smile back, sometimes not, it’s their choice. We are a weather orientated Country, we can have whole seasons in one day, now that’s a bonus ‘cos it enables us to smile wryly and share the joke. “the weather eh? and they said it would be sunny etc…” … Hugs to you, Tango and Ruby. from ‘lovely weather we’re having Pen’ xxx

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