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Didn’t it rain!

I don’t know what you lot were doing yesterday if you were in the parts of the UK that experienced very heavy rain after the prolonged period of drought. Well, I was standing in the middle of a field with other like minded people judging a dog show, Did I get wet, you bet I did, it started raining when I left home at 7 am and was still raining at 10 pm when I went to bed, I changed my clothes twice at the show, but was still wet at the end of the day which was around 5 pm. You couldn’t recognise anyone as they were all garbed up like deep sea trawler men, I saw someone look at me at one point, and wondered who it was, it looked like Darth Vader, till I saw the dog, it was Widget! with my friend Sue. Fortunately we have tents for the person who keeps the scores and our assorted clothing, spare jackets, trousers,wellingtons etc. My judging sheets were sopping and some had to be ditched as unreadable, I’ve never in over forty years of judging experience judged in such conditions lasting the whole day. I thought I could get away without changing clothes again for the journey home, just taking off outer garments, was I wrong, my trousers and jumper was damp, so the car steamed up it was raining hard so opening the windows wasn’t an option, so I put on the blowers, yikes, mistake, the cold air blowing on my damp clothes was not pleasant. Lucky it was only an hours drive. and was I glad to get indoors to a hot bath, changed into night clothes and a hot cuppa. Last week’s show was cold, I now wonder with a bit of apprehension what the next one in July will be like. To-day started off a bit gloomy but has brightened up and the sun is shining, the tent is outside drying off, also my two sopping wet jackets, waterproof trousers and socks. The poor dogs didn’t get much of a walk yesterday but I got up early[ish] and we were out walking at 8 am just come back from a 2 pm one and will go back out at 6pm before I go to my dancing club. It just goes to prove the dedication some people have for their chosen hobby, I used to be the same when I competed. But you have the choice, unfortunately when contracted to judge you haven’t. Just as well I like it., on a nice day it’s a pleasure.


  1. I don’t mind rain too much, it’s the cold I can’t stand, so coming to visit in 90 deg is very tempting,
    The dogs are judged for Obedience I don’t do the ‘pretty’ stuff. brains not beauty is what I look for.
    Thanks for visits folks.

  2. i love the rain, but i dont think i would like to stand in it all day ;P ahahaha
    how do you judge wet dogs?
    nice wrap up for the day however, having a bath and a cup of whatever you had. if its cold, you can always come stay with me where its 90º+. way to hot for this northern girl!

  3. Better you than me Arlene, I’m not the one for bad weather… I love my sunny days the most.

    • You and me both Lady Jude, but a contract to judge must be honoured or I’d get fined. 😦

  4. What a day! Action packed life you lead Arlene!! Whilst you were judging in the rain all day Wolfie was skulking frustratedly indoors waiting for the rain to stop so I wouldn’t get my paws wet going hunting…no food in the fridge so hungry wolfie too! As you mention it didn’t stop…it rain persistently all day and I didn’t get to go hunting as unlike you I am a wimp!! Wish I’d been at the show rain or not…don’t notice it much when you’re having fun…bet you enjoyed that hot bath though 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful time at dancing club! You’re energy and enthusiasm is inspirational! Wolfie hugs and a big strawberry and cream for you!!! 😉

    • arlene

      Yes it was quite a day Wolfie, and looking at the various reports from other judges we were all in agreement it was a bit out of the ordinary. Oh well I’ve survived, and it’s just as well I don’t live in your house or I’d be fainting through lack of sustenance, as you say, you are a wimp, but a nice one.
      Dancing club was good and it invigorates me for the rest of the humdrum week. Just looking and the last part of your comment…..we had a strawberry cream tea at the dog show after judging, mmmmmmm licky lips.

  5. Isn’t it strange Arlene,? just when they’ve reported drought conditions, the rain buckets down and drenches the whole Country. … Never let it be said that the weather doesn’t have a um…dryish? sense of humour. 😉 … Sorry to hear about the washout Meeting, but hopefully it could never happen again … and hope you managed to plant out your pinks and sage, I’ve been tinkering with the roof tiles, and managed to cause a damp patch in the back bedroom, Roof Tiler and fixer time methinks, before the next downpour. Hugs to busy you. Tango and Ruby… xPenx

    • arlene

      Hi pen, Well there’s nothing in the world like the British weather is there, always keeps us guessing
      The truth is that we do quite often have wet dog shows,but Sunday was exceptional.
      I’m hoping to do the planting out to-day as they say it will be nice and sunny, aaaaaaaaahhhh bliss, showers tomorrow and thunderstorms on Thursday. ! I hope you get your roof done before it rains in your patch.
      Tango and Ruby are watching over you, hugs from me XX

  6. Arlene, have you caught up with yourself yet? All this activity will keep you young.
    I’m sorry the rain was such a problem and cold too? We’re having 90’s temps, Southern USA. Our grass is so parched.
    I’m glad you made it home safely in all that rain.
    The email I received didn’t tell your name, just the post. I thought that as being odd, just another change, I guess.

    • Well nearly Great Gran, I have had to write up my report, done . and sort out the format of the next show, to do, got the tent outside and dried off, done, put away all the bits and bobs in the shed that we use for the test, done, hung up my coats and trousers, done, now I have to get ready for dancing club to-night, but first feed and walk the dogs, have a cuppa get washed changed, tomorrow I hope to plant out the pretty pinks and purple sage I bought on Saturday.
      I do wish they’d stop tinkering with our blogs etc. my head can’t take in any more changes.

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