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My Budgies

Hi all and thanks for visiting and comments,

I’ was blogging to someone else about budgies and thought I’d post up some of mine when I used to breed them.They were in an aviary but I sometimes think I would like to have a pet, but I keep hearing the mantra, ‘A bird in a cage sends Heaven in a rage’ Though if I remember right it was to do with a Robin. maybe someone will correct me.

I’m attaching some photos of my little lot, I did not too bad and won a few prizes, but the competition wasn’t huge.

The first one was my canary Rodney.



Newly hatched


  1. I had a budgie years ago Arlene, when I was in my first home, (um,. sounds like I wuz an orfan annie!! 😉 ) … when I was first married and our first home I meant. She was a right feisty one, but full of character. Then later on we had a Cockatiel, named Coco, we always had the cage door open and he loved to share our meals, especially Tagliatelle, messy eater he was too. Loved the photo’s of your group, and Mr Blue looks wonderfully cute. xPenx
    Hugs to Tango and Ruby, and you too of course. xx

    • Hi Pen, I know what you mean by first home and all that been there too. I’m not too fond of the bigger birds as I got bitten by a parrot a friend of my Mum had, horrible great squawking thing, the bottom of the cage was always thick with you know what. ,As I said to Wolfie, Mr Blue was special.
      Love and licks from we three.XX
      Thanks for calling

  2. Oooh Arlene! Budgies! I never knew you had this interest 🙂 I love your pics and Mr Blue is so handsome! My grandparents kept budgies, I remember their blue one and later their young green one who were both real characters. They spent a lot of time flying free in the house and would often go sit on my granddads arm. They also learned to talk which was fun. I always remember in thunderstorms they covered the cage with a tea towel and apparantly when my mum was little they used to hide her under the dining room table when there was lightening! They also kept a lot of free range chickens but then my granddad was a farmer in his younger years. They derived a great deal of pleasure from their budgies 🙂

    • Hi Wolfie, it was a long time ago, and when Kerry my first dog got too old for competition, ad Numa didn’t take to it, it filled in the time, starting with one pet, I enjoyed it but it did take up quite a bit of time, so when I got a dog that gave me more in competition, the interest waned, I did love Mr Blue, he’s have made a nice one and only pet.
      People don’t keep caged birds like they used to, your grandparents sound like the typical doting budgie owners. they are great fun, [budgies I mean] LOL
      Ig I had the space |I’d like to keep chickens.

  3. Curiosity abounds

    They are all wonderful! My Mum and Dad (Rodney) have Bluey who looks just like Mr. Blue. They adore him and he is so comical, stubborn and wilful, he speaks extremely well and much to my dads delight Bluey repeats the nagging that my Mum says she doesn’t do! He is a fantastic companion and enjoys being out of his cage and being a mischief.

    • Thanks Anne, I loved having them, mostly the breeding season, it was so exciting to see what your pairings came up with, trying to get that perfect budgie.
      Isn’t that a co-incidence your Dad called Rodney after my canary, [who was called after Rod Stewart] and having a budgie called after my little boy. The are really such characters.

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