Arlene and two adopted dogs.

Just a blog from someone who loves to communicate with other dog owners

Just a few pics from my camera

Nothing to say so as a picture says a thousand words,  here’s a whole encyclopaedia


Sitting watching Piers Morgan interviewing Des O’Conner, Hard DSC-0325to think he’s 79, but \i think he’s had some Botox, as the only thing in his face that’s moving is his lips.




I don’t understand why Dandelions are considered weeds,

I think they’re beautiful  Same with the Poppies

DSC-0332DSC-0310And the humble DaisyDSC-0321The Wild Briar Rose, .

DSC-0342 How’s this for Graceful?molluscFossil in the rocks on the beach


P1000963Abandoned Pill Box on the beach at Friars Cliff, P1000972Another fossil, the rocks have been put along the slopes to stop erosion.


P1000979The walk to the beach, which I do most days.   lettuceMy lettuce and beetroot bed




P1010390Back garden  P1010363Planters with  Geraniums and Sweet Peas and a Hydrangea

P1010340Young Starlings bathing P1010352 Come on hurry up I’m waiting for my bath too

P1010355Where is everybody?  P1010362 Tango loves a sunbeam

P1010394You can’t get too much of a good thing  P1010399Ruby prefers Tango’s bed


  1. Chancy and Mumsy

    Those pictures are amazing. Gorgeous flowers. Tango looks like such a sweetie.

    • Hi there, Chancy and Mumsy, welcome and thanks for visiting, I will be popping in to your site and I’m intrigued as to who is Chancy and who is Mumsy.
      Yes Tango is a sweetie, sometimes.!

  2. Lovely selection of photos 🙂 So fresh and spring like and I love those pics of Tango 🙂

    • Thank you Wolfie, I think I owe you a couple of replies, I’m finding it hard to keep up lately. but thanks for dropping by, your visits and comments are always appreciated.
      It’s easier to get a pic of Tango now as he’s asleep more often than not.

  3. I’ve just been scrolling up and down, Arlene, then ever so slowly up and down again, what a lovely selection of photo’s. Especially Tango and Ruby. One I just sat and stared at was the walk to the beach, … took my breath away, as my girl would have loved it, and me too of course. Thank you for lifting my morning with a peek into your world. Hugs and licks to you, Tango and Ruby. xPenx

    • forgot to say, OK, you’ve twisted my arm, I’ll have JD for a night on a desert island, just ‘cos you pushed though, 😉 xx

      • Only one night you understand, I wouldn’t want you to get too over excited, bad for the heart. XX

    • Hi Pen, sorry for the delay, had friends for tea on Sunday so it meant a stint of baking and sandwich making etc, then Monday is club night.
      I agree that is a lovely view to the beach, as I’ve said before we [the dogs and I] are lucky where we live, and Bess would have been in her element with all the lovely walks. I’ve lived here for 22 years now and never tire of it. hugs from us XXX

  4. Those wild Briar roses, we call carpet roses here and they are just beautiful I have them in my garden…. Gosh that’s a big bed the dog owns it must cover most of the floor space..
    Have a great weekend Arlene…

    • Hello Lady Jude thanks for popping in I owe you one, I’d love to see some pics of your garden even just a few flowers. Actually the bed isn’t too huge, it’s that Ruby is so small 🙂

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