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Who, me? an award. I don’t believe it

It appears i’ve been awarded a versatile blogger award by a canine friend called Sandi, you can read all about him in  I am honoured and absolutely amazed.  I thought my days of awards were over and done when I hung up Tango’s training lead. It appears i have to divulge 7 things about me that you didn’t know, Crikey that’s not easy, as I thought I was pretty much an open book through my blogs, but here goes.

1. I find monkeys creepy

2. I can’t swim

3. I’m afraid of water, that explains no 2.

4. I’m short tempered.

5. I’ve had a clean driving license for 43 years, [just had to get that little brag in]

6. I’d rather have DIY tools in my hand than a duster

7.  I was a pretty good ice skater in my young days.

Phew, that was hard. now I have to nominate 15 blogs that I’ve enjoyed, that’s even harder, as I don’t think I’ve got that many followers,

but here goes in no particular order or preference Beth Marie [Sheila, catches the eye]

Well I don’t know if I’ve done this properly, as I can’t find some of the URL’s for the blogs

Anyhow thanks for the award, and I am not able to give one out myself, as I haven’t a clue how to go about it. also I’d be afraid to award one in case I offended anyone who was left out, I appreciate all my followers.


  1. I’ve done my time, for 7 things about me, Arlene and interesting to read about yours. I can’t swim neither, which means I paddle my the seaside, and splash about rather unladylike-wise. Swimming is a no-no as I panic if I get water on my face, (I do wash it though 😉 ) … lots of hugs to my ice skating friend, cool or what?…Can you still cut a mean figure on the ice? Betcha can…
    Hugs and licks and woofs to you, Tango and Ruby. … Pen xx

    • Snap on the panics Pen, but I don’t paddle either, or haven’t for a long time,it’s just never warm enough, or maybe I’m just a woos.
      I would absolutely love to get on the ice and skate, oh what a lovely feeling, it’s so long now though, I’d probably end on my derriere tout suite. I love watching the speed skaters, just soooooo graceful.
      love from two sleeping furries and a sleepy me. XX

  2. Thank you for thinking of me Arlene I feel quite honoured, I can’t do these things as I can’t chose… I don’t like to play favourites or anything..
    Have a great week my friend…

    • Hello Lady Jude, thanks for your input, and it’s not everybody who can choose, I didn’t find it easy but \i hope I covered everyone who follows me.
      The weekend has been a busy one so far, but enjoyable. so thanks you again.

  3. i was happy to see myself on your list as well! im definately a number 6 as well. but i love water! and i like monkeys, except for chimps.

    • Hi Kirsten, how could \i leave you off my list?, I don’t have oodles of followers but \i appreciate the ones i do have.
      I think we women are going through a revolution and will soon be the home-builders instead of the home-makers.:-)
      I’ve tried to learn to swim,but it’s no good, I just panic.

  4. Congratulations! and I’m so glad to see I was included on your blog roll!! You and I have no.s 1-3 and possibly 6 in common btw 🙂 Just thought you’d like to know 🙂

    • Thanks Wolfie, Now I’m surprised at you also choosing no 1, I thought I was one of the few, they’re just too human looking and make me uncomfortable.

      • I’ve always felt that way, possibly to my shame, but till you mentioned it here I also thought I was in a minority…possibly of one! I think your’e right about them looking too human…I also find it uncomfortable the way people treat them like humans…in their case more than any other species I find this unnatural, unsettling and whether there’s any truth in it or not, I really don’t like the idea we’re descended from apes!! But each to their own. That’s just how Wolfie thinks 🙂

    • Re cap on monkeys, you hit the nail on the head , I too think they just look too human and un-natural at the same time, also how they are treated, I just feel uneasy about the whole thing.

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