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Maternity leave? my POV

Tonight there was a discussion on Maternity leave, it was condemned by Katy, she of The Apprentice fame. she is a businesswoman and she was stating that she thinks that women who take extended Maternity leave are lazy , as she was back at work three weeks after the birth of her last baby.

This got me thinking of how things have changed over the years, When I had my first child in 1958 not many women worked at all far less as ‘businesswomen’ you spent from 8 – 12 days in hospital depending on the sort of birth. You then went home and picked up your housewifely duties, Husbands certainly didn’t have leave or attended the birth, that was women’s work. Old fashioned?

Katy visited a nursery with Mum’s and put her view to them, she of course got short shrift,  one of the Mum’s asked was she [Kate] happy leaving her baby in the care of a nurse, she said she was as the nanny was picked with care. accusing them of loafing around all day drinking coffee she also visited a small business, and the view was different as the owner pointed out the inconvenience and difficulty maternity leave made to them.

I got to thinking on the pros and cons, and came up with the view that … if you took leave from your job for say 6 months, it would then mean leaving your baby in the care of a nanny or nursery, perhaps the baby wouldn’t be happy with that, having got used to their very own mum, whereas if you leave baby almost from the beginning they won’t know any different.

I don’t think there is an easy answer, but IMO if you want to have a family you should be prepared to give up daytime working till the child goes to school, if money is tight, you can get an evening job to help out, Old fashioned?

I know that not everything is cut and dried, but again IMO, women going out to work instead of looking after their children is the cause of many men being out of work as there is just not enough labour to go round. again IMO it’s often a case of wanting everything NOW, not next year, they want the holiday, the big TV, the new car, NOW, but it all has it’s price and it’s not all paid in coin.Old fashioned?

but as I said my Point of View.


  1. Thanks for reply Angel, and I’m happy to accept it’s a family decision, it’s unfortunate if lack of money is a deciding factor, when perhaps staying home with baby is what Mum wants. I like you enjoyed being home for mine till they went to school, but did some evening and or w/end work to help out the housekeeping.

  2. One of the worlds great discussions whether to work after baby, I just think it’s up to the couple.. I think the decision to work is for money, but there’s no right or wrong… zI liked to be at home for my children,
    Have a great weekend

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