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Ruby’s vet visit

My little Ruby goes in to be ‘de-sexed’ to-morrow, so please say a little prayer for her.




  1. Ah, I see now what you meant about a delicate Ruby. Yes, my prayers for little Ruby, I remember when Bess went for hers. I hope it all went well and special tender hugs for her Arlene, hugs to you too and Tango, from me, and for the last time from Her Maj. xPenx

    • Hi Pen, thanks and she’s absolutely fine, wonderful powers of recuperation dogs have, but I have to keep her steady, she’s had some food a couple of gentle walks and is sleeping peacefully now. . hugs to from us three. XX

      • Hi, Arlene, sorry I’m getting this news late. I hope she’s doing well. They do bounce back usually fast.
        Hugs to you and Ruby and Tango from Kassey and me.

  2. ah. having all her dates canceled, is she? i will pray her recovery be swift and uncomplicated.

    • I’m sure by the time she’s got over the op Kirsten, she’ll be tearing up her little black book of boy friends, if she has any sense, that is. 🙂

  3. Aww…she will be fine 🙂 always far more harrowing for owner than dog! She’ll be back with you before you know it and eagerly awaiting lunch! Trust me! I have assisted in many many of these op’s and the happily snoozing hounds in question have been absolutely fine…a little bit groggy and somewhat unsteady of leg and paw but besides that…great! She will thank you for it 🙂 Wolfie hugs to you both!

    • Thank you Wolfie, it’s many years since |I had a female dog done about 25, so I’ve forgotten the recovery time etc. I’m picking her up at 2.15.

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