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The Royal Wedding

Well I am sitting here at a ridiculously early time in the morning [for me] watching TV.

I rose at 7 am bathed and washed my hair, only had half of my usual breakfast and took the dogs out by 8.00, I wanted to give them a good run as they would be indoors for a good part of the day.

I got home at 9.45.

Prince William has just arrived, resplendent in his red uniform with his brother Harry by his side also in uniform.  The crowd are enormous and going ballistic at the sight of him. The bells of Westminster Abbey are ringing out so joyously, it is a stirring sound., The Abbey looks magnificent for the occasion.

They have arrived and Harry looks more nervous than William, he keeps smoothing his hair, wringing his hands and heaving his shoulders, you can feel his tension, William looks more relaxed.

David Cameron’s wife looked elegant in a peacock blue dress with some diamantes in her hair instead of a hat, which has raised a tiny bit of controversy,  I would have liked to see her hair looking a bit more elegant.

Wills stopped to speak to Earl Spencer and his three beautiful daughters.

The bride’s mother has arrived wearing a lovely simple dress coat in silver grey, and looks so attractive, you can see where Catherine gets her looks., also arriving,  various dignitaries from round the  world. Some of the Royals are leaving Buckingham Palace in a convoy of mini buses, the crowds are absolutely enormous, I can’t recall this many at Charles and Diana’s wedding.

I’m just praying it doesn’t rain, as forecast, so far it is just rather grey, and much cooler,

Princess Michael of Kent’s hat is as big as an umbrella, and she is having to tilt her head back to see, she’s not the only one, my impressions that many of the hats are a bit too big but the fashions are truly beautiful in the main.

Prince Charles has arrived with Cami {I can hardly say her name] and I think people have got short memories as regards to her role in William’s parents marriage. My view is she shouldn’t even be there,  When she hears the vows being exchanged, what is she thinking ?, hopefully a bit of shame and embarrassment.

The various regiments look resplendent in their various uniforms.

The Queen in yellow has arrived with Philip. again the crowd cheering even harder. 

The bride has just got in her car and what can be seen so far looks stunning, the little bridesmaids just picture perfect, Cathereine’s sister looks very elegant in a simple white sheath dress.

William and Harry are now walking up towards the altar, Harry still looking nervy,

As she came up the aisle, Harry was watching and smiling, and turned to say something to William, I wonder what??

They are now side by side and the groom looks pleased as punch, what a lovely couple they make.

A beautifully simple dress with a fitted bodice, semi full skirt and lace top, a small tiara and plain veil, she looks radiant. The admiring looks of the guests tells us all, oh how many women would love to be in her shoes right now, even just for the experience of it all. The rest of the lifestyle, you can keep.

They have now exchanged vows and are married, such a truly beautiful service.

The choir is just a perfect ending to the service

How I wish Princess Diana had been there to witness this, she had to endure heartbreak before her beauty surfaced, Catherine is already beautiful, let’s hope her marriage is everything that it should be.

The pomp, ceremony and support from the crowd on these occasions, make me feel so proud to be British, and also makes me feel that we should all work so hard to keep these wonderful traditions alive, also to keep Britain BRITISH.

Well that’s my take on The Wedding, No doubt most of you will have watched it all round the world, and will all have your own view on it, but I’m sure you will all agree it was a truly memorable wedding.


  1. Wolfie was there!! What a party! lol Saw the royal kisses on the big screen in Trafalger Square 😉 Awww! How romantic 🙂 One of my favourite bits was when the Memorial Flight came hurtling in overhead on their way to Buckingham Palace – we weren’t expecting them to come in that way so what a royal treat and you should have heard the roar of national pride when they did! All cam’s turned skyward 😉 Great post Arlene…a right royal entry!!

    • arlene

      Wow,good for you Wolfie, and so glad you enjoyed it, I bet the atmosphere was electric.
      I would have liked to have shared it with someone, just to be able to comment on things, that’s why I did the blog, just had to let my feelings out. Glad you appreciated it, thank you.

  2. CatsRuS

    What a beautiful wedding! I tried to stay awake to watch it live, but fell asleep. Then luckily it was on today and I watched. I so enjoyed it! I love everything Royal. I love the tradition. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been interested in the Monarchy. Prince William and Kate looked wonderful and I loved Kate’s wedding gown, it was perfect!
    Princess Diana would have been sooo proud! I know it made me proud being British just watching if from the other side of the pond. Would have loved to gone home for a visit with my relatives and gone to actually ‘see’ the wedding live. What a vacation that would have been!

    • arlene

      I’m glad you managed to catch it second time round Robyn, well worth it, TBH I think you saw just as much from the comfort of your own space than if you’d come back to Britain, bet you were there in spirit. Thanks for posting a comment. X

  3. im glad you enjoyed it, arlene. i know a lot of people are watching. it will be something to remember for sure. i wish the best for them.

    • I thought it was simply magic, and I too wish them the very best.
      As i was on my own it was me just sharing thoughts and observations that I would have been relating to anyone who was with me. jsut rambles really.
      Thanks for dropping by Kirsten.

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