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Lost dog

  5:51pm Apr 25
Please if anyone lives or visits this area, keep your eyes peeled.
Trebarron Garden Centre, Near Warrington, Newton-le-Willows ~~ STOLEN from owners vehicle (complete with dog crate) ~~ 4 month old female , tri merle pup (microchipped) police crime number has been issued ~~ please crosspost and make this dog too hot to handle. Listed on doglost (as per link here).
safe_image DogLost – Lost: Blue Merle Border Collie Female In North West (WA12)

Dog Lost? DogLost is an online community helping dog owners to find dogs when they go missing or are stolen.



  1. Poor little thing…hope she finds her way back to her owner soon 🙂

    • arlene

      I think not Wolfie, she was STOLEN there’s usually a purpose in that, either to be sold on or used for breeding purposes. it makes me want to spit. B*******ds

      • Yes I know she was STOLEN. It was just a figure of speech. I know it’s unlikely she’ll be lucky enough to be reunited with her owners but we have to live in hope.

      • Sorry Wolfie, didn’t mean to sound patronising. Anyhow, still no word it doesn’t look good. 😦

  2. We had a German Shepard dog stolen from us, he was about 15 months old and well trained in obedience my Dad never recovered from the loss of his dig… Hope that one turns up…

    • How awful, I can sympathise strongly with your Dad, I just don’t know how I’d be able to handle that sort of loss.
      I will keep posted any news of this little girl her name is Indie.

  3. how cruel and completely juvenile to steal a dog! unles its a rescue, there is no excuse, and i hope the thieves are caught and punished hard!
    poor doggie! and her people!

    • Unfortunately it’s all too common in some areas, Kent was for a while pretty bad, microchipping doesn’t make any real difference as it depends what they want the dog for, the litters are stolen to be sold on, and if they can take the bitch too, well they can use her for more pups, stud dogs, and neutered dogs can be stolen for baiting, to test fighting dogs, it can be a very cruel world out there for dogs and there are some unscrupulous people, we hear of many cases, through the dog circles.

      • we keep a close eye on ours, and have a padlock on the gate to the yard. the cats dont get to out at all. theyre fine with it.

  4. I hope the publicity really works and tracks down the heartless so and so’s Arlene, and surely micro chipped means they’re never going to get away with it? xx

  5. I hope they find her safe and sound soon. The nerve of some people to take the dog and crate too!

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