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Easter greetings

To all two or three of my loyal followers. Have a magic Easter XX


  1. Arlene

    And a Happy Easter to you too Lady Jude, Hope you are enjoying fine weather as we are here.

  2. Happy Easter,Arlene…

  3. Thanks also for the emails…I know I haven’t responded to them yet,but they are on the ever increasing pending list as a priority! They are flagged so don’t worry, they are greatly appreciated 🙂

  4. Have a great Easter too 🙂 Off up N tomorrow for that 90th B-day bash I mentioned with the disco as she likes dancing! Trains are proving a nightmare with engineering all over the underground and no useful web info, and the train fares shot up by another tenner since last checking! Back Sunday so will catch up with any blogs then.
    Left an acknowledgement to your comment on my blog btw…not showing on tracked comments section as it was 1st of 3 but it’s there…I know how wrathful ignorance makes you!! lol 😉
    Hope you’re having as roasty scorching hot easter as we are so far…melting icewolf heading back to Europa I think!! 🙂

    • Enjoy your birthday bash Wolfie, I hope the trains don’t let you down, they shouldn’t at the price they charge,
      Thanks for the kind comment and link to my website, you are kind. Yes I’m having a nice Easter, see reply to Anne, love this heat.
      Catch you soon.

  5. Hope you all enjoy the Easter weekend too. It became too much like christmas for my family at one point, we’d buy a present rather than pay extortionate prices for easter eggs, it all got a bit out of hand so now it is toned down big time. But now they seem to be giving the eggs away. Cadburys eggs at tesco have been buy one for £1, get two free! Only give a token gift to the grandkids nowadays and I have to buy myself a choccie egg.

    • Hi Anne, so far having a very nice easter, had a friend up for lunch which we had in the garden, salmon salad followed by apple tart and Cornish Ice cream.
      I noticed that the eggs were going for a song too, luckily I only have two to buy for now, but as Rhianna is now 13, maybe next year she’ll be weight watching!
      Hope you all had a nice time, including ‘him’

  6. ah!!!! swoooooon, even as the Mad Hatter I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off him.
    Oh Yes, before I forget and go swooning again, A Happy Easter to you, Arlene, and Tango and Ruby, of course. and now I will sit and stare at , the bunnies of course. who else? 😉 x pen and madam, who’s feeling better today, and ordering me about x

    • I thought you’d like that one, you definitely appeared to me to be a bunny lover. 😉
      Glad Her Maj is feeling better, if boosing you around is the key, let her. Licks from T& R wishing they could get away with that. X

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