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Sleep etc.

Hi all thanks for your comments and concern, and yes I did have a better night’s sleep last night, thank heaven I go through phases where I can go for about two weeks and sleep through the night, then BAM! I can spend the next two weeks trying to get by on about four hours a night, the doctor’s say it’s an age thing, Tosh! they say everything’s an age thing when they don’t know the answer.

I did try the TV thing Horst but it didn’t work as during the night it’s usually violent or porno movies that’s on and I’m not into that sort of thing, anyhow I can’t see it would lull me off to sleep 🙂 I usually get up and make some hot chocolate and a biscuit, read for a while and it does the trick,-  mostly,

I spent a few hours in the garden yesterday and managed to chop up the Pyracantha that got damaged by the frost, I’ve got  thorn prickles all over me, but it’s gone all bar the main stems, I felt a bit sad about it, as it was a nice specimen. I’ll plant a Vibirnum there in it’s place. Also trimmed off all the last bracken  leaves also planted out a little veggie garden. At the back I had the lawn replaced by shingle, I made a frame up about 4’x4′ with left over kick board from the kitchen, lined it with tarpaulin and filled with compost, I’ve planted lettuce cucumber, and beetroot, some tomatoes will go in next month, Got the potatoes planted , and some are starting to sprout already. yummy

Eat your heart out Titchfield
Potatoes are grown in plastic laundry baskets lined with black plastic and are housed in the compost bin.
What’s left of the Pyracantha
Spiky load of branches from the Pyracantha, I’ve got to chop them up for transport to the local  amenity centre. another prickly job.

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby


  1. Going to get cracking on my veg garden this weekend. Never did manage to do my own seedlings so will have to buy pre grown ones this year.
    Bet your little plot will be overflowing with a bountiful crop before long.

    • Good for you Anne, I find lettuce are really easy, though I did buy some ready sprouted, and I find tomatoes take too long to get good sized, It’ll be the first time I’ve done beetroot, and as it’s from see it will be interesting, you want to try potatoes, they’re easy and well worth it.

  2. Oooh I do like your little veggie garden! How very organised you are 😉 Looks lovely and neat and wholesome! Great idea using the waste baskets for the potatoes…even I could try that 🙂 In fact I might just do it!

    • Oopsy 🙂 Laundry baskets not waste baskets! Just checked back…sorry about that 🙂

    • Good idea Wolfie, go on and do it you need to get going, it’s cheap and simple, with good results, remember to cut a couple of holes in the bottom of the plastic to let water through, thanks for dropping by.

  3. Blimey, Arlene, you certainly have chopped the Pyracantha back. WE have a huge one almost as a fence, No intruder would dare try and get through it, they’d be torn shreds, just like me when I try to tame it. So I can imagine your scratches.
    I don’t think Porno movies would help sleep, more of an eye opener I would’ve thought, than an eye closer 😉 … maybe hot milk and brandy? (hic!!) … Hugs to you, Tango and Ruby, from Bess and me. xx

    • Just going to fry some kidneys for Bess’s tea, hate the feel and hate the smell, but whatever’s good for her, she’s going to get. 🙂 Time and patience will see us through methinks..xx

      • If Bess doesn’t want the kidneys, I’ll have them yummy, I like all meats. I couldn’t give that to Tango though, he’d have the quits for a week. They did have some Pilchards yesterday though.

    • When you say ‘we’ to whom are you referring, you and Bess or your and Bess and A.N. Other?;-)

      • OH that’s telling innit? 😉 xx

      • MMMMMMMMMMM, leaves the mind wide open to all sorts of imaginings now, you haven’t be any chance got a JD look alike squirreled away somewhere? OK no need to spill the beans, I can take a hint. spoil sport. 😉

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