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Billy no-mates

I’m seriously beginning to feel that this blogging is a waste of time, ever since WLS closed down my personal blogs get less and less comments,, Just how do you get traffic, I visit lots of sites and leave comments, they are often never replied to, so you don’t know if they’ve been read or not, and many don’t ever give a return visit.  I had several  ‘followers’ in Spaces, some still blog on here and WP, but have for some reason gone off me.Sad smile

I’m not being precious by thinking that my blogs should have any sort of special treatment, or are any more interesting or special than any one else’s, I enjoy writing them, but just a little bit more interest would make me feel it was worth it. It’s like not realising you’re the most boring person at the  party, Smile  If I don’t get a bit more feedback I’m having a break for a while.


\on a lighter note, I saw the first swallow to-day. Summer’s coming, I feel better already


  1. Your blogs do always get read by me since I subscribed… But sometimes I’m a bit guilty of being in the reading only mood, like I was 10 hours ago when I first come to read this blog. When I’m tired I just like to read and wind down and don’t always comment, can’t always get my head around it all. But I’ve come back today now I’m nice and refreshed to let you know we do care about you Arlene and your blogs are appreciated….

  2. i follow you too. i admit, sometimes i dont have anything to say … anywhere. but i read your posts. as i know you read mine. sometimes i just dont have a lot of computer time. that will change when we get moved and have a new routine. its closer now 😉

  3. Beleagured with problems at the moment, the latest being the return to the eviction merry go round, eviction date being 4 May, so time to go I think. this is obviously going to be a recurring problem. So my apologies for non-visits, it’s not just yours and I am trying to pad around a few but kinda hard to concentrate for long with all the home-stuff kicking off again. Have a good weekend 🙂

    • Oh dear Wolfie, I am so sorry, You thought that particular problem was history, you don’t have to apologise, I know for non visits, I know that you’re often busy and you always reply to comments, I’m just a bit down right now and do look forward to comments on blogs, as we all do of course., sometimes I’ve thought long and hard about something to post and think, now that might be interesting, and sort out photos etc, and ….zilch or nearly, I’m not alone as i’ve gone into other blogs and they have the same grumbles, aren’t we a moaning lot] i usually leave a comment, and this is where I come in and say, there is often no response, I get chuffed to bits when a stranger replies, then it dies a death,maybe there are just too many people chasing too many blogs. i’ll be around never fear. I sincerely hope that things work out for you, please keep in touch, I’m catching up with the garden for a change.
      Thinking of you.

  4. Pleeease don’t forsake me and let me goooooo. cos you dont want to live here anymoooore. (song lyrics, sort off).
    I do read all the blogs and many comments of my friends here but am ashamed to say that I am in part to blame for being one of those who are slack in responding.
    I tend to read them when I have a bit of spare time and want to relax but don’t comment as off late I am in too dismal a mood and would rather not be to negative when answering and come over sorry for myself, so best say nothing at all until I feel a bit cheerier : )
    I do tend to ponder before posting comments and think over what I say, (this comment is a perfect example of how I ramble on if on the spur of the moment) but then the time goes and I haven’t gotten round to it. I do have conversations with you all at my pc screen all the time though!

    • Oh Anne, thanks for your kind respond, and I know that people obviously do read my blogs, or so the stats lead me to believe, but to keep getting two or at most three comments and sometimes none ;-( from the same people gets a bit dis-heartening. I know that you have your own problems Anne, and I’m surprised you have time to switch on your computer, :-0 I’m not having a go at any one in particular, perhaps I too am just feeling a bit sorry for myself, I spend so much time on my own I just love to have communication, and chatting, Just ignore me as I
      I’ll get over it, I do have a naturally optimistic personality.
      But as I said once before, I feel that sometimes this blogging is almost becoming an obsession, I used to do all sorts of other things, and I will do them again, all above board and clean. 😉 reading, sewing,doing puzzles, and just surfing. So I will be around Anne.
      I hope things are a bit better with you, and your daughter is coping and little Isobel is holding her own, don’t lose touch please I do appreciate the friends i have made so far, and now I will reply to the other one below. Maybe we should all get webcams so we can just say HI :-)) Take care.

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