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Close call

I think I mentioned that an old friend of mine had died, He, his wife and I being Scottish, struck up a friendship in the dog world. Cath died about 16years ago and Fergie the other week.

The funeral is on Friday, his daughter phoned me to tell me the date,time and cemetery, which I noted down and got in touch with other old dog friends to let them know.

Another mutual friend also phoned and on finishing the conversation, said see you at the Crematorium 12.30. ???? I said no, Jean, 2.30, that’s what Sheila said, a silence at the end of the line, then, I’m sure it’s 12.30 said Jean, oh! perhaps we should phone Sheila and check.

A phone call later…………I had somehow got it wrong, it was 12.30, So a quick back on line to contact others with an abject apology and giving the correct time.

Now, just  supposing Jean hadn’t said ‘see you at 12.30’  I, plus about four others whom I had informed, would have turned up two hours late for the funeral,  it’s a two hour journey for me, but that aside I’d have been mortified [very apt at a cemetery] ,what do you do in that sort of situation?, it doesn’t bear thinking about, I hope it’s not a sign of any jinx on the day.


  1. Best not to think about it! No harm done and you let everyone know…give yourself a pat on the back and no worries!

  2. Left a comment on your blogspot one Arlene, but I think the jinx was sidestepped, thank goodness. Now you can concentrate on your loss on the day and say a goodbye to your friend.
    Hugs licks and woofs, to you Tango and Ruby, from me and Bess. xx

    • Thanks twice over Pen.
      Hope things have quietened down with Her Maj
      woofs from mine and hugs from me

  3. I don’t think you being jinxed Arlene, You’ll get there and just thank god she mentioned it to ya… It would have been disappointing to arrive there and no one was there, we have all been in that situation before… Just wish now that someone had asked me to check the expiry dates on everyone’s passports, that one pissed me off no end and cost me a bloody fortune in the process… Had later flights and emergency passport issued the holiday was great though…

    • Thanks all for replies, I just feel so relieved, though i’m not looking forward to the actual event.
      And Lady Jude, what’s this about passports/ I must have missed something, it sounds quite dire.

  4. i dont believe in jinxes – except for one cartoon cat. 😉
    im just glad you all got to go say good by.

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