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I saw this video this morning and it brought tears to my eyes, It never ceases to amaze me that through all the tragedy in this awful disaster, they could still find the compassion to save one dog. I dare you not to be moved.

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby 1;


  1. i heard about that on the news … always good to hear such stories. but the video didnt seem to be about the rescue … unless i just didnt wait long enough. something about the tea party or whatever. ??

    • Thanks for visit Kirsten, sorry about the confusion but |I had a job to get the video embedded, and had to make several tries, and as I was going to my daughter for lunch, I had to leave it as it was.
      I did it first time on my blogspot
      if you do what Pen did and copy and paste the first link.

  2. It was a heartwarming video Arlene, to see the efforts they went to to save the dog was so moving. Amazing to see the house floating in the water with only the roof showing, and the man trying his best to call the dog to him, you can imagine the risk to his own life, but where there’s a situation like this one, something comes to the fore don’t you think? There’s almost no limit to the lengths we’ll go to as humans to save an animal in distress.
    Thanks to you, for sharing this moment Arlene, and hugs to you, Tango and Ruby,
    from Bess and me. xx

    • PS,Arlene, I had to copy and paste the first link of the doggie rescue, the second one takes you to the American Pastor who burned the Quran and caused the backlash of Muslim violence. xx

      • I know Pen, sorry, but I explained it to Kirsten above.

    • I hope they found a home for it , or would that be asking too much,
      And yes they were brave to do it, I wonder if I would? possibly if when I was younger, yes!
      Big extra to her maj isn’t it nice to know that ours are all safe. X

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