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Never again

Never Again

Will I give the dogs left over baked beans


  1. Yes Arlene! You are rumbled! How could you blame the dogs! lol 😉 Actually now you mention it…had one of those “occasions” myself recently…they were lovely baked beans at the time…lol…best to avoid dogs tho! They like to sniff…gives the game away every time!!

    • Big intake of breath, Wolfie, how could you think that miss prim’n’proper Arlene would be guilty of such low behavior, It was the dogs I tell you na di will not be swayed from that. they enjoy relishing something tasty twice. 😉

  2. Haven’t tried the chili, but def. the other two are no-no’s Thanks for comment.

  3. i was laughing even before i read the post!
    oooo i have sooo been there ;P

    • HI Kirsten I think all we dog nuts have.
      Nice to see you

  4. oh dear me, Arlene, blaming it on Tango and Ruby again? You’ve been having beans on toast again haven’t you? Go On Admit It!! (and I love Brian, but sometimes Family Guy just makes me squirm!!) A wonderful weekend wish to you and your pack from me and Bess…xx
    (Hugs, Licks and Woofs)

    • I hang my head in shame Pen, yes I had beans on toast, I admit to the sin of laziness, and we have all suffered for it, I expect the dogs are too polite to agree. We won’t upset Bess by getting too close, so send cyber hugs and XXXX’s

  5. SandySays1

    Put cauliflower, broccoli, and chili on your list. The German sheperd down the street “eats off the table” and everytime he eats them he fumigates the whole neighborhood. At least the roach population is down.

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