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To-day Monday

Just a quick blog, I went market early this morning as I wanted to catch the garden stall before the world and his wife bought up the best and most popular plants.

I managed to get pretty much what I wanted Two Vibirnum and a Pittosporum.

I wanted a new Firethorn as mine got totally blasted by the frost I was devastated, as he was just maturing nicely and had lots of berries this year, also a blackbird was eyeing it up for a nesting site, after the previous shrub died, not a good spot I don’t think.

My poor Firethorn. I thought it would be quite snug beside the shed, but the wind does come down from the left. sigh The weather to-day is lovely, still fairly warm, and I really should be outside planting, but as I’m going out this evening I wanted to catch up on blogs and email, last night I wanted to watch TV [for a change] and I was ready for bed at 9.30. I know I’m taking a chance that the weather is going to be this kind for a few more days yet. I’ve got so much I want to do, I think it’s spring fever. I walked the dogs Stanpit Marsh Nature reserve to-day as it’s on the back from market in Christchurch,

A nice pleasant walk, You can either go across the recreation ground and past the golf course to Christchurch, or go on to the Marsh itself, I avoid that as it’s a bit mucky, also you must keep dogs on lead during the nesting season, , rightly so, but not much fun for them.

which the dogs hopefully enjoyed as a change from the beach, Well I’ve had a bit of fun experimenting with Live Writer on my desk top. Is there no end to my talents. ? 😉


  1. Hello Arlene,
    Sorry Ive not been around, this week was a bit hectic. and its not over yet for us. I believe you said that you are busy too this week? Roll on next Monday.. that’s what I say! lol
    I hope that you are well, and still mobile, out and about with your dogs.. give them a few cuddles from me please! 😉
    mags x

  2. Absolutely not Arlene! Your talent on here know no bounds and is truly a thrill and a delight to behold 😉 It is a great honour to be in the presence of one so skilled and talented in the blogging world!!! Quite astounding in fact! 😉

    • Ahhhhh, fame at last with talents well and truly recognised and appreciated. LOLOLOL you p*** taker. :-X

  3. hello arelene
    I’m very impressed with your use of ‘live-writer’
    once ive tried to figure out a few other things on WordPress I must get around to experimenting. My confidence has taken quite a knock, with WordPress, it is quite a learning curve. But i’m inching ny way along! 🙂
    I’m glad you like my picture of the couple on the park bench! Good innit? lol
    mags x

    • Hi Mags, thanks for your visit, and thanks for recognising my talents just like Lady Pen 😉
      It is a bit of a learning curve Word Press, most of us struggled, and at times still are. I also do Blogger.
      Now Live writer… I downloaded it to my Laptop, running Windows 7, and it was OK then I downloaded it to my Desktop running Windows XP and it is different, you can do the maps and I think it’s better, and good fun. try it.
      Yes the pic is good, made me want to doze off they looked so peaceful. Take care arlene x

  4. Of course there isn’t Arlene (aka Lady Depp!)
    you are full of limitless talent…(hang on, did I say that right or have I just insulted you?) anyway, you know what I meant. You have talent coming out of your fingertips, or is that your green fingers showing? 😀
    We’ve lost a few plants, but hopefully can restock and pull the garden back into shape. I had a New Zealand Flax which has completely died a death. But now ‘madam’ has decided the gap where it was is a wee-ing area, and as she’s staggering around a bit I haven’t the heart to fill it in. So, Bess’s area it is then.
    Have a lovely evening out, a refresh after your busy day. hugs, woofs and licks to you, Tango and Ruby, from Bess and me..xx

    • Hi Pen, thanks for the visit, and recognizing, both my station in life and my contribution to the blogging world 🙂
      I just pinched some Vinca and dog violets from the wayside, [naughty] and i’ve been cutting back an absolute birds nest of summer jasmine to-day.
      I hoped to catch up this afternoon, but, two long phone calls put paid to that again. so TV on hold and having another try.
      Why is Bess staggering?
      cuddles to her and cuddles, er, no, hugs to you, XX

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