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Physio and to-day’s walk

Hi all and thanks for your sympathetic comments to my Physio blog, I tried not to make it sound like a ‘poor me’ sort of whinge, but asking Why the physio, and the lack of info on the merits, as, as Chip says the damage was irreparable anyhow. It is a strange affliction, as although the damage is in the back I have a spot in my ankle and side of knee, that feels like they’ve  been hit with a stick. ! as well as the stinging which was from the ankle to knee, I used to say it felt like Beethoven’s 5th symphony was firing up, and getting to the Fireworks. LOL

Anyhow I thankfully no damage was caused from yesterday’s gardening session, and I was OK.

so much so I went out with Sue and our dogs  to-day to a walk in the New Forest,

They have acres to run on and although there are a few places that are boggy, the many pools give the dogs a chance to clean off. here are a few pics..

I can’t make up my mind which of these photos of Nettle to paint, any ideas?

We had a lovely morning with Tango, Ruby, Widget, Strudel and Nettle. they all get on so well.

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby



  1. Great slideshow…and thanks for alerting me to the possibilities that little facility offers! I noticed you could change the layout in Live Writer too for the photos. I had intended to use the one with one pic on the L side and the rest alongside but after 3 bad uploads of the blog I lost track of what I was using! Anyway so glad you’re ok and not suffered any ill effects from your activities. I so much know what that can be like, and isn’t it wierd how the leg can be as troublesome as the back sometimes? Not always easy to tell which is the original cause of the problem! Been suffering with mine since that impact with Crufts floor! Take care now!!

    • Hi Wolfie, hope you mange to get topsides of the photo slideshow gadget, I must admit I haven’t tinkered, haven’t got time, nor the knowledge, so I’ll just leave things as they are.
      I’m OK now with no ill effects, I hope you’ll get over you Crufts upset quickly too.
      I should be gardening to-day as it’s lovely but as I’m out this evening I decided to play catch up, aren’t you all so lucky 😉

  2. Hello Arlene,
    Ive been reading your blog about the physio-therapy. Ive had to have physio on 2 occasions, once after breaking my ankle, and the other time was for a ‘frozen shoulder’
    the physio for the frozen shoulder, was ‘really good to do’ but it would leave me in sheer agony afterwards. I don’t think i slept for nearly 3 months. I will never forget that period of my life. Anyhoo I almost gave up on the physio. and you know, it WASN’T the therapist who exlpained things to me fully, it was actually my Union Representive ( i was on sick leave ) and my rep told me that ‘the pain would not last forever’ but he said it was vital to see the physio through or I would lose the use of my arm. Ive always been grateful to that man, but I do know all too well how tough going that physio can be. I’m sorry to hear that you have had such a rough time, its great to see that you have kept going on, and are managing to get out and about with your dogs. This is the very first time that I have ever seen photographs of the ‘new forest’ so thanks for sharing! It looks amazing. no wonder your dogs love it. My suggestion for a photograph to be painted? would be the one featuring the Woodland walkway. You can see 3 dogs and the dog in the middle is actually looking ‘back’ towards the camara lens. That would be my choice! lol
    thanks for your kind words on my space Arlene. I am so sorry to hear of your losses. I hope that your happy memories will bring you comfort, along with those wonderful pets of yours.
    Please do take care, and I hope you are having a good weekend!
    mags x

    • Hello Mags, thanks for dropping in, and sharing your experiences. Yes I do feel it was remiss of the physiotherapists not explaining the benefits of each exercise, but it’s all water under the bridge as we say.
      I’ve heard that frozen shoulder is extremely painful, lucky you carried on and got the use of your arm again.
      I see what you mean about the photo, and yes it is quite a nice one, though I”d said to Sue that I’d paint Nettle for her as she was coming into maturity and she’s pretty, so I didn’t look at any others. I’m hoping to get time this summer to do more.
      You too enjoy what’s left of the weekend.
      Arlene Tango and Ruby say, Hello X

  3. Y’all sure had a scenic walk and it’s so good the dogs get along, making it more pleasant. They sure enjoyed playing in the water. I hate that you’re enduring pain and I hope it leaves soon.

    • Thanks Gr Gran, it was a nice day, my pain isn’t so bad, there’s good days and not so good, but same with al pain eh?

  4. It was fanatsic watching the slide show Arlene, once it loaded, (my PC is q

    • flipping heck!! That posted before I was ready!! I was just complaining about my PC and she went haywire!! Best speak quietly from now on! anyway, start again Pen!!
      Hi Arlene,
      the photo’s were lovely, and my PC was so quick and able to handle them beautifully 😉
      Was that Tango on the Lead? Yes? and I love the shots of the dog digging halfway through to China, or would that be Australia? I pick the first wonderful close up of Nettle, so clearly an intelligent and thoughtful face. (not as much as my Bess though…She’s here so I had to say that!!)
      Glad you’ve had no serious problems from yesterday’s overreaching yourself.
      ((hugs)) to you, Tango,Ruby,Widget Strudel and Nettle. xxPen and her Majxx

      • LOL Hi Pen, I was just about to ask you what you were trying to say. but you beat me to it while I was replying to Kirsten.
        No, it wasn’t Tango on the lead.Trouble with the sky drive one I couldn’t put on comments as I did on Blogger, it was Widget, she’s hurt a paw and as Sue has a show on Sunday at Cardiff, she’s nursing her along a bit. Strudel is a bunny chaser, and they had their heads down a rabbit hole just hoping one would pop out, not such good shots as I couldn’t get close quickly enough, but the dogs had a great day. Hope Bess is feeling better and recovered from her little sicky. hugs to her, all the girls said Get well soon Bess. XX Tango added his too. XX

  5. wow what a forest! its lovely!
    walking is good for the back too … heh

    i vote for the first of the three pics of nettle – if its the dog you are referring to. its a great shot of the dog and her smile.

    • Thank you Kirsten nice to see you here, after my little moan, Actually although it’s called the New Forest, there are huge tracts of heathland too, I only go with friends like Nicky and Sue as I have absolutely no sense of direction and would get well and truly lost.
      Somebody on Blogger likes no 2 picture, so I’ll have to get another vote tow sway me. LOL

  6. Lovely photos Arlene! Good use of Live Writers Photo Album feature.

    • Arlene

      Thanks TG. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but everyone seems to have deserted me, 😦

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