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I started out to make this a gardening blog in reply to Sheila’s post, but i am getting a bit worried, Let me explain, A girl friend suggested on Monday I come to her place for lunch/tea, I said yeah good, as she had another appointment at noon she’d call me as soon as she was through, it is now almost 2.30, I’m wondering if she’s remembered , if she doesn’t phone by three i’ll take it the date’s off.

Right, I started gardening last week as the weather here has taken a nice turn for the better, i had gone to market and picked up three shrubs, a Vibirnum ‘Eve Price’ with nice big pink flowers made up of florets, A Hebe, with lilac racemes, and a Daphne Odarata, which smells gorgeous when in flower, I put them in the ground on Saturday.

I have got my potatoes, lettuce and tomatoes waiting to go in , Also bought some new dahlias both cactus and pom-pom,, not too tall as I’m not a lover of the giant species, nice medium sized which are just right for cutting.

There are still a few stray oak leaves waiting to be swept up and composted. Talking of compost, every year I get a small crop of potatoes  from mine, as they regenerate from the peelings that I put on . If it’s free, it tastes all the better is my motto.

However I’ve just had a phone call to say my friend is on her way home so I’ll eat humble pie, just a small portion and go. Tomorrow …….the garden, yes! as I’m going out with Sue and all our dogs on Friday.



  1. You sure have a right to angry. She sounds undependable or close to it.
    You’re gonna have a fine garden. We had a big one, hard work but so good.

    • Having a quick and early lunch, the weather’s lovely and the garden beckons.

  2. GrrrRRR!!! That behaviour makes me mad too…I have had to learn a lot of self control with a certain male friend over the years in regard to that! I make a point tho NEVER to eat humble pie!!!! Some people have a book of 10000 excuses so finely tuned that it is best to assume that any explanations are just that 🙂 No need for eating humble pie then!!! Sorted!!

  3. I know where you’re coming from, Arlene, ‘cos I waited nearly a whole day, not knowing what I could do or fit in to keep me busy ’til the call from a friend down the road, there was an agreement that she’d ring when she was ready and we’d go into town, and as the time wore on hour by hour and minute by extra flipping minute I was almost blowing a gasket!! In the end I started painting a window and when she finally rang I told her I’d forgotten and was busy!! Is my nose longer? and maybe I should have a piece of pie? and yes, help you with the gardening tomorrow perhaps? 😉 xMe and her maj.x (doing this comment from work so gotta be quick!!) 😀 x

    • Well she had a fairly valid excuse, so i thought well what the h** just enjoy the day and we did have a nice day.
      I saved the pie for to-day, took a nice piece of blackberry and apple out of the freezer, served with a helping of fromage frais, it went down nicely. And with free blackberries from the hedgerow and apples from the tree, home made pastry, it WAS humble, but very tasty.

    • What made me abit angrier than ususal was my friend did the same thing on Sunday, she was coming up at 2.30 , and like you I fiddled and diddled around wasting the whole afternoon, she phoned at 4.30, pleading pressures of her elderly parents [true] she forgot. So that was a wasted day.
      Hugs to dear Bess as I bet she doesn’t get hassle like that, oh to be a dog sometimes. XX

      • Bess’s had a bad night, Arlene, I was carrying her downstairs and outside at 3 this morning, then at 5, but thankfully she settled down after I’d sleep-walked her back in again. Today, thankfully she’d a bit brighter, and as I was able to work from home today, we’ve been out in the garden soaking up the sunshine. Tiredness has made me feel a bit down I suppose therefore the little poem came into being. It’s always there in the back of my mind but hey ho, it’s part of life when all said and done, but won’t make it any easier when the time does come. Not yet though, definitely not yet. 😀 xx

    • I am sorry, but don’t let the demons take over Pen, it is always worse during the night, i do know, I had tango bad a short while ago, can’t recall if I’d said, she was having me up in the night and was also bad in the day, it cost me over £100 at the vet to discover[myself] that she was having a bad reaction to the Metacam, after 18 months, they changed the anti inflammatory and she’s been fine, apart from the bird seed episode. Bess will have more ups and downs now, you will have to accept that, but don’t keep thinking the worst every time, Have you tried her on honey? Manuka is the best, though expensive. Lotsa special hugs. XX

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