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Flowers and a Butterfly

Yesterday was such a beautiful day I thought I’d take a few pics of my camellia flowers, Now they’re not any better than anyone else’s flowers,but they’re mine, and also I want to try and paint them for a change from dogs.

Also I remembered to take the camera and captured the daffodils that grow in patches along the cliffs above the beach.

Also a  pic of some of my little daffs that grow round the old beech stump.


PLUS a lovely sighting of a butterfly who obligingly sat on the gorse long enough for me to take a pic, It’s not a very good one as I was shaking a bit trying to balance to get close enough without crashing into the gorse, ouch !

butterfly on gorse blurredbutterfly on gorse

I’m not sure what the butterfly is, maybe a comma, but I’ll look it up later


  1. I looked at your slides. I didn’t know we could still have skydrive, love it.

    • Just happened on it by chance as I haven’t been using Live writer much, I wouldn’t have known any different.

  2. And while I’m here…I owe you an email! Don’t know if you remember but you sent me a very nice one after Crufts and I have I am ashamed to say still not answered it…worse I can’t find it right now!! Still hunting! But I have not forgotten it…just been very lazy about answering emails of late….slappa whacka wolfie!! I will be in touch 🙂

  3. OoooH! Aren’t we the clever one! Was wondering how you’d done that smart stuff with those lovely photos till I read the comments 🙂 Funny, but I can never get it to work for me. Annoying actually. Probably more appropriate than funny. Think it’s because I always seem to want to try these fancy things when my connection is crawling at unobliging snails pace and can’t cope with the process necessary to achieve it. Seeing this cool result I will definately be trying again pronto!!! Well done Arlene 🙂

    • Hi wolfie, thought you’d gone off to Alaska or wherever they’ve got snow, maybe getting too warm here for you 😉
      I feel pleased that I have actually got at least one of you pro techies wondering how I did something, wow, that’s a first. to do the album was serendipity, in Live writer click insert /photo album/create online album/add photos, easy peasy.
      Well grudgingly accept reasons for non reply to emails, did you get the Astronomy link one I sent, ??

      • Lol…laziness isn’t really a very good “reason” for not getting round to replying to emails is it?!! I’m working on it 🙂 I DID reply to the astronomy link one! It should be in your inbox by now or have you not been checking regularly?!!
        As to Alaska lol well I have a good candidate for dog sledding if I was to head out somewhere icy and snowy…a little like Europa! 😉

      • Yep, apologies, I caught up with me emails after I sent the reply. Slapped wrist to me this time.

      • Well that makes a change! Mine was getting pretty red and sore with all those tellings off I’ve been getting recently 😉 lol! 🙂

  4. I agree with TG, Arlene, beautiful photo’s and a handy feature to show them off to perfection. Hope the Gorse didn’t bite but the photo was worth all the pain if it did…(well I can say that, as it wasn’t me who was risking it!! 😀 ) I’m now looking forward to seeing your Camellia’s Painting, and is that Ruby’s backside in the background of the Cliff tops photo’s? Bess always says my ‘best side’ please! 😉
    Hugs, licks and woofs, in that order to you, Tango and Ruby, from me and her maj.xx

    • Thanks Pen, and for your visit, but purleeeze, Tango is so upset, mixing him up with Ruby. it’s his bum , unusually so, as he likes to get his head in on the photoshoots, never can tell there just might be a tealent scout out there looking for the next Rin Tin Tin, or is it Toto. Hugs to her Maj, she wouldn’t make that mistake!

      • OMG, Tango I am so, so sorry, hugs n’ stuff. It was a slip of the keyboard that’s what it was. 😉 and Bess says she agrees, little Miss perfick says she knew all along!!
        Am I forgiven? pretty please!! (groveling seems to come so natural like!!) xPenx

      • Have you groveled enough? I’ll ask Tango, who is still nursing hurt pride, he said I may have a pretty face, but didn’t think I had an a** like a b***h. He’ll get over it, when, you’ve given her maj an extra cuddle.
        I just find it amusing, but don’t let on to him.

  5. Love the use of the Photo Album feature in Live Writer Arlene! Some lovely photos. How did you get that butterfly to pose for you?

    • Yes TGB I agree, especially when there are quite a few photos and you don’t know which to choose, It was the first time I’d used it and was quite pleased with the function.
      It would have been nice to get a sharper pic of the butterfly though, but look how often you try and capture one, fiddle about too much or get too close and, whoosh, it’s gone, It is a Comma Thanks for your comment nad I hope you’re feeling better.

  6. Lovely photos Arlene and a good use of the Photo Album feature in Live Writer! I love those Camellias!

    • They are very ‘pretty perfect’ sort of flowers aren’t they, thank you

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