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Taking a break

It’s such a beautiful day here to-day, I had an extra long walk down the beach after a good house clean up session and some boring food shopping.

In the supermarket to-day, I was hanging around the cake counter Thinking smilewondering whether or not I should give way to temptation, I did, and picked up a box of two apple and cream doughnuts. MMMMmm, a lady beside me was smiling, and I said, I know I shouldn’t but I can’t resist them “Quite right, my dear, “she said, “life’s to short” I looked at her, she was about 130 and thought ‘cripes’ if you think that, a hell of a lot of us are going to be disappointed’ Horrible person

that I am.Devil

But I’ve eaten one cake so I don’t feel at all bad.Angel


  1. One of my weaknesses is donuts, Krispy Creme’s, here in the States, love’em.

    • Do you have custard on them too?

  2. Well Pen I think you should just have to drop your human face and views, letting her Royal Highness go along with her fantasy, it’s the kindest thing, and i’ll try not to laugh. [snigger]
    Licks and hugs to the dear old girl, and a hug to you too for your patience.XX

  3. stop it you, making me laugh so much, with my cold it turns into a coughing fit. I can just picture you staring at the poor ole lady…with your thoughts on display!!
    I have a craving for Egg Custards. Don’t know why but glad you enjoyed the cake, so there’s some left then? Come on … handover!!
    As to her Maj’s Electric Stair Chair, it’s all in her mind from the time I showed her some online. I think that’s why she opened her eBay account as Bess the Bold, I now have to be so wary,as all sorts of things are going missing you know? … and she won’t let me see how much is in her piggy bank!! 😉 xx

    • Didn’t know you had a cold Pen, or I woould have put a ‘elf’n’safety warning on the post.
      There is one cake left, which I will have to-night after my venison burger, egg,tomatoes and chips, i might, just ‘might. leave you the scrapings on the plate, unless Tango the Terrible and Ruby the Ruthless doesn’t get there first.
      Tell Bess to send me her birthday date and I’ll send her a few pennies toward her stair lift, Is it a Stannah? I hope so, as they’re the best. Hugs to her anyway((XX))

      • Oh and BTW I’ll take care of her piggy bank if she’ll let me. :-)s[sinister laugh]

      • She’s getting all excited and can picture herself, Her Royal ‘ighness, sitting on the chair complete with an extra >>BIG RED BUTTON<< to press so she can go up and down all on 'er own-some… I haven't the heart to tell her it costs more than she can raise, and that it's just a pipe dream and would she listen? Nope!! I should never have mentioned it really, but it started as a joke, and now it's out of hand, 'cos she keeps practicing her Royal Wave!! and you can sinister laugh all you like, oh devious one, but I don't think you'd get very far with her 'saved' doggie biccies!! 🙂 xx hugs to you and woofs and licks to Tango and Ruby. from her Maj and Me xx

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