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Getting things

When I got my new sink the tap was [and still is] very high, so when you turned on the water everything got soaked, and as I’ve got the electric kettle near it could have been nasty.
I searched several shops looking for a tap nozzle, I did find one but it fell off when you moved it, useless, I was advised to try a store called Lakeland Plastics, I googled it first  and found what I was looking for, it was a swivelly contraption and it let out either a spray or a aerated water, the price was £9.95, plus around £5 for p&p, there’s a store around 7 miles from me, so I went there to-day, it was where I was going yesterday but rain stopped me.
I got the gizmo plus I got a nice gadget for cutting bread evenly and storing it, then I got some of the little lights that you stick to the wall and press them for light,  I put them in the cupboard, now I can see what I’m looking for.Then I went to a store called TKMax where they sell all sorts of things, and bought two nice coloured  glass vases. That’s it then all the pocket money spent and off home. I am pleased with the tap thingy, it works a treat and no more splashed windows . Do you know what I think? I ought to get out more , not to the shops, but into the wide world, how can a person get so excited about a tap adaptor thingy and a bread slice. Crying face Surprised smile I think this is a geek.



  1. I need one of those spout things too. I hate getting my clothes wet, been doing it lately too.

    • I must admit, it has been the best buy I’ve done for a while, really smashing little gadget, well worth the money.

  2. Yes you should get out more…lol…and find more of these wonderful gadgets, and like Wolfie enjoy yourself browsing round the shops exploring all the interesting gadget-thingies that you never realised you couldn’t live without till you found them and had to buy them! TKMax is a great shop for just about everything 😉 We have a big one nearby…great place for illegal workers I understand…lol…but love spending a Sunday afternoon snouting around it…you know what I’ll be doing next then!! 🙂 Tail wagging weekend wolfie hug!

    • I might have known you’d give me a telling off [a gentle one though] Wolfie, but I haven’t got any money left to go out, I daren’t go back to TKMax I just can’t resist all the lovely things, especially the photo frames, I’ve got loads, and keep seeing nicer and nicer ones.
      What a shame for poor me.
      Hope your weekends are all going nicely.

  3. It’s not geeky at all, it’s appreciation to all the other people out there who design these handy little gadgets!! and glad you Googled first, my favourite search engine of all times … Hope you’ve got some more pocket money to spend soon, Bess was worried that you’d run out, but I told her you’d have some in your piggy bank … OOps, Her Maj is barking to be carried upstairs, (we’re saving for an electric stair chair, well, she is anyway!!) 😉
    Glad your efforts were rewarded and that peace and tranquility now reigns in ATR mansions… Hugs Licks and woofs from me and Her Maj..xx

    • Yes I am pleased with the gizmo, but hate the thought that In had to buy it in the first place, old meanie, but the water is nice and frothy,like a cappuccino without the chocolate. And I’ve got the other four adapters going begging [you get five to fit any tap]
      Bexx will have to save hard for an electric chair, crikey they’re not cheap, and here was I considering asking for a sub from her, I think we can put that on hold, so pass on some lucky hugs instead. Tango’s kn***ed we had a long walk to-day as it’s so glorious.

  4. ha! ya i can relate to that … but it is the little things that make life interesting. i hate splashy sinks too. id like a nice old fashioned farmhouse sink for the new house in oregon/washington – whenever we get it built. nice and deep.

    • I hope you get your wish Kirsten, and soon too. X

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