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One horrible nasty day, so I’m having a moan,  I just couldn’t unwind last night, so took a half sleeping pill and set the alarm for 6.30 am was still wide awake at 1.oo am.  When the alarm went off it took me a while to get going as I felt so sleepy. Looked out of the window, and Oh No,  –  rain. damn, damn, damn, I wonder if he’ll cancel the window, but no, so I did what I had to do and he turned up on schedule 8 am. by 9.15 I was off out with dogs and after popping into the P.Office I picked up Barney and went walking. The rain got steadily worse. till it was a heavy persistent drizzle.  When we finished our walk around 11.30 dropped Barney home, by this time we were soaked. , which meant my plans for going into the Shopping Centre were kaput, as I couldn’t let the dogs sit in the car soaking wet ,  I took them back home, dried them off  and left them on their fluffies with water and biscuits in the conservatory, The poor workmen were doing their best under a makeshift tarpaulin putting in the window. I felt a bit guilty but I quickly changed and disappeared off to the pub/restaurant for a meal. I had a large pork chop, chips, roast potatoes, ratatouille, sweetcorn and peas washed down with an orange squash, for under £6, not bad eh? I sat till it was time to go to my friend Avril, she was looking after her elderly parents or I’d have gone for lunch.  I was there for about an hour and got a phone call to say they were finished it was almost 3 pm, I was cold and tired. Anyhow I got home and surveyed the work, and was pleased with it, and guess what?  the rain stopped. Here’s the photos of before and after, I’ll be glad when the decorating’s done and I have a new carpet and blinds. Thanks for your interest everyone.

old window this was taken at night

new windowand this was in the day


  1. Wow!! Lovely window Arlene! Well worth waiting for it’s great 🙂

    • Lots of sunshine peeping in this week. LOL

  2. thats your new window? i like it! i really like it!

    • |Thank you Kirsten, now I have to decide what blind to get Vertical or Venetian.

  3. Checking out your WP and I absolutely love your template.
    I copy my blogger here too just in case blogger goes belly up…lol
    I have subscribed.

    • Ahhh, thanks Gr gran, I quite like it too, It’s not a conventional one I made it with a programme called Xara which I got free on a floppy disc, a few years back, and do quite a lot of my graphics on it, \Please don’t mention |Blogger going belly up, I prefer it to WP. Shhh, don’t tell anyone though. lol
      Thanks for your visit.

      • TRAITOR!! LoL!!!! ;)))))))

      • OOOer, I might have know Wolfie was at the door, sorry. ;-/

  4. Wonderful, Arlene, the new window has opened up the area into a veritable scenic treat. When you stand and wash-up it’ll be simply an awesome sight, framed and gorgeous….(I’m taking it for granted you haven’t got a Dishwasher just like me?)…Glad the rain didn’t stop ‘play’ and the man finished ok.. (Hah!! I’m a poet!!) … Great to be able to catch up on your day too, that meal was only £6? smashing!! Hugs from me to you, and licks and woofs to Tango and Ruby from her Maj..xx

    • Um? that should read “I’m taking for granted that like me you don’t have a dishwasher,” not that you have a dishwasher like me…type of thing? … Um? right, that’s as clear as mud now!! 😉 (Bess says she could’ve done a better explanation but she likes to see me suffer!!! ) xx

      • Oh Pen, fancy you of all people getting your words mixed up, LOL but I did know what you meant, and no, I haven’t got a dish washer like you, I haven’t got one like anyone, not any one I know anyhow, are there any people who look like dish washers? I hope not, scary.!
        Tango and Ruby says thanks to Bess for the lovely licks and nice quiet woofs, and are sending some back, with a little note saying, not to upset her Mum by letting on how much more clever she is, keep it under your hat Bess, it isn’t good policy ‘cos they hold the keys to the food cupboard. XX

  5. hello arlene.
    i’ll try to keep this ”brief” omg i’m still struggling to find my way around wordpress LOL i tried to leave you a comment earlier. but it looks like ive sent it to one of your Other accounts. (not wordpress) google or something :s Oh dear, this is NOT as user friendly as spaces was, is it? but i’m trying to enjoy the challenge. and I’m so glad to have made contact with you on here. Your new window is LOVELY. i’m glad that despite the weather the workmen were able to make such a nice job of it! I hope that you have a lovely weekend, gazing out of your nice new window! 🙂 mags x

    • Hi Margaret, thanks for finding me, or does that sound daft? LOL but you know what I mean. No it’s not as friendly as spaces, though I am becoming more used to it but still find it difficult to sort out comments, read or unread, I also miss not being able to add little pics to comments or GBooks.
      I am pleased with the window, it’s bugged me for a long time as it was too small and needed opening up, I can now put a plant on it, but knowing me, it’ll have everything bar the kitchen sink, no need as the sink is bang in front. LOL
      Come again please
      Arlene X

      • hello arelene,
        thanks for the lovely comment that you left on my space tonight. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed reading some of my blogs. I loved writing these pieces, and i’m relieved that I didn’t ‘lose’ 4 years worth of writing, when I left spaces. *Ive been struggling all evening trying to figure out how to play music on my page. Ive managed to set up a ‘music’ page, its even got a ‘player’ on it. But I must be doing something wrong with the ‘codes’ because the music just wont play ( or possibly the files i am using are too large.) anyhooo when I saw your comment it has fair cheered me up. so thank you Arlene. I hope you have a good sunday-I will be off to a family party! woohoo! 🙂 x

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