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The New Window


Jumping for joy, well as much as you can sitting on a chair, but tomorrow I’m having the new window fitted in the kitchen at long last. Though it means getting up and organised early. Feed dogs wash , breakfast, wash up and put away all the bits and pieces that get accumulated round the kitchen area, Also, I had to remove the plant pots outside below the window, as I can imagine they would be rather heavy footed and get covered in sawdust, that’s what happened the last time.

Then when the window is in my son in law will be coming to decorate, I’ll be glad to see it  finally finished at last, I’m go into town to have lunch then I’m going to my friend Avril for the afternoon.

I’ve taken a photo of it as it is but I won’t upload it until the new one is in place, hopefully it’ll be an improvement,Fingers crossed


  1. Yee hawwww!! The day of the window approaches! 🙂

    • It’s now gone and I even cleaned them this morning.

  2. desire realized is like a tree of life.

    • That’s profound Kirsten.:-)

  3. OF course it’ll be an improvement, The New Window Cometh…and I’ll be back to see the photo’s to prove it…I love new things, even windows, (sad eh?) anywho, have a great time out…I’m off to work … byeeee!! Hugs ‘n’ stuff to your lot from these two reprobates here…(me and her maj!!!) xx

  4. It’ll all be worth it in the end… Can’t wait to see you photo’s…

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