Arlene and two adopted dogs.

Just a blog from someone who loves to communicate with other dog owners

Simple pleasures

A day like to-day when then sun is shining

Seeing a bird rest on a branch of a bush I’ve just planted

Noticing that my hellebores have survived another winter and are blooming, like to-day


Looking in my bread machine to discover that the bread has risen perfectly when it’s for someone else as to-day for my daughter

After breaking the ice on the bird bath, seeing them all queuing up for a turn to bathe

Listening to a favourite piece of music when you can relax and drink it in

Watching my dogs sleep peacefully

Watching a painting I’ve been struggling with, just ‘come right’

On answering the telephone and hearing one of my family say ‘Hi Nan or Hi Mum’

The sheer bliss of getting in to a warm bed after a chilly night out

The unexpected pleasure of a lovely bunch of flowers from the kitchen manufacturers where I purchased mine from


The sense of freedom by having the privilege of walking my dogs almost anywhere I want

Being sound, mentally and physically, I say this after reading of the struggle a woman is having just getting her legs to move after a spinal injury

Most of all

Being British !

I’ll stop here as I don’t wish to be a bore

I expect you could all come up with some ‘ exclusive to you’  pleasurable moments


  1. an Up day, and fresh bread too, just perfect … It was the aroma which brought me here.. 😉
    a fantastic list there Arlene, and one which I think we all could concur with. Especially watching my dog (dogs plural in your case) sleeping peacefully…and of course being thankful for health if not wealth….
    xPen and her Majx sending hugs and woofs to you and yours xx

    • Well thank you Kirsten, Pen and Wolfie, how often you sit in front of the computer and nothing comes to your head, then I recalled that when I was drinking a cuppa the other morning gazing out of the window, a chaffinch lighted on the branch of a shrub I’d planted on Saturday, and it just struck a cord and made me smile with pleasure and a sense of well being, it got me thinking what else pleased me, I was surprised at how many I could have added, I hope some of you post up some of your own, Thank you all for your comments.

    • Hi Pen, I’ll butter you some bread in a mo. and put some honey on too, OK?
      and definitely got some for Her sweet Maj, with hugs and kisses for afters. Thanks for calling round.

  2. Lovely post Arlene…lifts the spirits and lightens the soul especailly when there is so much dark stress and anxiety lurking around every corner if we’re not careful. Spring is on its way and the gloom of winter is starting to slip away…and tomorrow is CRUFTS!! I look forward to the simple pleasure of boarding a train on a day I would normally be at work, and travelling into the morning sunlight to somewhere far far from my everyday world!

    • Hope you enjoy Crufts Wolfie, I’m watching it on Telly right now, and thinking Oh I do wish I was going now, first time in over forty years, and watching it also makes me wish I was training again. sigh, memories, sweet memories.

  3. what a wonderful post, arlene! not only is it a nice little window into your soul, but its a most inspiring post as well. its never boring to read what someone is thankful for. putting it as ‘simple pleasures’ instead of ‘what i am thankful for’ made it feel so much more candid, too.
    i liked it very much, and will be posting such a list of my own soon!

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