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Catch up

Hi all been a bit busy for a day or two, but as I’ve got about three blogs in draft in the wings I thought posting up Sarah’s pics for her 18th should maybe be got done and dusted.

Found my way to daughters new house, liked it, a good move I told her, though she has got a bit to do, and as she works fulltime it has to be done as and when. Sarah needs wardrobes and drawers as their previous home had fitted stuff, so typical teenager, heaps and heaps of clothes with no where to put them, correction her mum did get a rail, but it’s not nearly long enough, well she’ll just have to wait.

Got there 3.30, Lisa and Jon, her older sis and husband were there, then came Nicola and Partner and baby Tommy, then along came Karen, Jason and Rhianna my younger daughter, Oh Sarah’s new boy friend was there too, nice looking lad.

Food was served up, yummy, I like party food, Little Tommy kept us all well amused  by trying to sit on the cat and burst the balloons, he is very typical two year old lad.

Here’s a couple of photos, they aren’t very good, apart from her bewailing the fact that she had no make up on, I fiddled with the settings and they’ve got a cast on. grrrrrrr

Sarah and boy friend 18th b'daySarah  and Scott her boy friend

Nicola and Sarahsarah 7 rhiannasarah's 18 [2]Tommy and Nicolasarah and Nansarah's cake

Sarah and me

sarah & darrylSarah's 18th [3]

I’m trying to do this with |Windows Live writer, and am finding it a tad confusing. So I hope it works out reasonably OK


  1. 🙂 Sitting outside the kitchen door wolfie tongue hanging out eagerly! Double figures required? lol…hang on then…let me get started on the endless comments!! 🙂

    • I wondered where that puddle of drool came from LOL

      • How very cheeky of you!! lol 😉

  2. You’ve done a great job with Live Writer…congratulations getting to grips with it!…and the photos are lovely. I especially like that one of you and Sarah. You both look fantastic 🙂 Little Tommy is so cute! And I did have to laugh at the notion of him trying to sit on the cat!!

    Hope you saved a “Wolfie bag” from the party for me?! lol 😉 and don’t leave it too long to post those in the wings blogs! Wolfie is waiting 🙂

    • Hi Wolfie thanks for dropping by and leaving your [as usual] nice comments, I have forsaken telly this evening to try and get round as many people as possible and I was getting round to you. I have a Wolfie bag here all safe and sound so come and collect it before tango smells it out, he’s getting very greedy.
      I hope to post another blog to-morrow, i keep waiting to see if I can break through the single figures in comments first for at least one blog post. LOL

  3. The Photo’s are fine Arlene, and it looks as if Live Writer’s done a good job. I love party food too, so moreish!! Yummy!! 😀 Glad the 18th Party went well, looks like a great time was had by all and Sarah and Scott look a lovely couple…um? any Birthday cake left? xPenx

    • Thanks Pen it wasn’t exactly a party just family get together, Sorry no birthday cake left, but TBH I plumped for trifle .MMMMmmmmmmmm
      But, if it was Her Maj requesting some, that would be different. I’d make some myself LOL

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