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Wakey wakey



I’m a hedgehog and have been asleep for what seems months and months, I’m getting ever so hungry, can I wake up yet and get some food., as I’m sure there must be some snails and slugs and other goodies starting to crawl around looking for plants to munch. And even if they don’t find many, they’ll be starting to think about making babies, and before my friend Mr Gardener realizes it, there will be millions of them crawling around.

Now I take my duties very seriously, and  don’t like all this sleeping around on the job, SO, if any of you out there have a direct line to Mr God or Mother nature, tell him to get a move on and get Mr Sunshine out of hiding, dust him off and send him on down here to poor chilly old Planet Earth, and give us all a break.



  1. Ohhhh 😉 He’s a lovely prickly cuddly little hedgyhogy!! What a sweet post 🙂 Thought we’d had one day of spring here at the weekend but now we’re back to the 1deg temp’s again and it’s freezing…so move over and make room for Wolfie on that plane please!!

    Even my connection gave up last night and went into hibernation…couldn’t get online for love nor money and the phone internet went down too so must be bad! I like the new look blog though 🙂

    • Hi Wolfie, seat on plane booked for you, bring plenty goodies to eat though. Thanks for comp on new look, a bit chilly looking though, but it’ll do for now, got lots of other things to do such as trying to boost up the desktop’s start up, you’re not the only ones with probs you know. 😦

  2. Oh Kirsten I’m on the first plane. with hedgehog of course.

  3. how sweet! what a cut little pin cushion!
    come over to oklahoma where winter was cancled, and the ice queen has abandoned us.

  4. Ta Pen and Bess, I think everyone is hibernating, heard anything of Jenny D ??

  5. awww, lovely hedgehog…and yes, come on sunshine…give us all a break and gets yer skates on…(That’s a message from Bess..xx)
    thanks Arlene, a luvverly post…Hugs and licks and woofs from Her Maj and me to you and your gang… xx

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