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A couple of nights ago as I went to the beach to give Tango and Ruby their evening walk, it was a little later than usual, and was I pleased as we had the loveliest sunsets we’ve had for a while, it’s just been too wet and murky. I’m glad I had the camera with me as I so often haven’t on these occasions, Hope you enjoy them,






Gone in a blaze of glory.



  1. most beautious, arlene! 😀

  2. Thank you Pen, I do hope Bess is now satisfied and most appreciative of your attention. soft strokes to lull her to sleep. X

  3. Just beautiful Arlene, and as Europa says, complimented by the colour tone…
    could just sit and look at them for ages…but Bess awaits, with bowl in um…mouth!!
    hugs and stuff to your pack from this hungry one…xPen ‘n’ Bessx

  4. Thank you Wolfie, and yes I will admit most modestly 😉 to have chosen the font colour deliberately.
    |Well if you’re going to be stick in a train, what better to do than watch the sun setting. No camera though I’ll bet,
    How’s the telescope doing.?

    • There was a camera…3 in fact! On the mobiles…who all had nearly dead batteries by that time 🙂
      Telescope…lovely shiney telescope…looking good but between icy temp’s and too much cloud cover it’s not getting much exercise just now. Not to worry…patience Wolfie…plenty of time for those long starry nights 🙂

  5. Oooh! Lovely! I like the choice of font colour too…enhanced the photos very well 🙂 Clever you capturing that sunset like that!
    I had a ‘restful’ evening watching the sun set and light fade till all was b/w shadows Sat eve…from the inside of a train stuck on the track for 45mins or so between stations due to engineering works…and every other excuse the guard could drum up out of his Brit Rail Manual of 1000 excuses!!

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