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Old wives tale or not?

It makes me realize that I must now be an old ‘wive’ as this isn’t new to me. It does work even though I expect me followers don’t have kids it works as well on adults, as the end part states. This may be an old fashioned cure for the common cold. Try What do you have to lose. During a lecture on Essential Oils, they told us how the foot soles can absorb oils. Their example: Put garlic on your feet and within 20 minutes you can ‘taste’ it. Some of us have used Vicks VapoRub for years for everything from chapped lips to sore toes and many body parts in between. But I’ve never heard of this. And don’t laugh, it works 100% of the time, although the scientists who discovered it aren’t sure why. To stop night time coughing in a child (or adult as we found out personally), put Vicks VapoRub generously on the soles of your feet, cover with socks, and the heavy, deep coughing will stop in about 5 minutes and stay stopped for many, many hours of relief. Works 100% of the time and is more effective in children than even very strong prescription cough medicines. In addition it is extremely soothing and comforting and they will sleep soundly Just happened to tune in A.M. Radio and picked up this guy talking about why cough medicines in kids often do more harm than good, due to the chemicals in them This method of using Vicks VapoRub on the soles of the feet was found to be more effective than prescribed medicines for children at bed time. In addition it seems to have a soothing and calming effect on sick children who then went on to sleep soundly. My wife tried it on herself when she had a very deep constant and persistent cough a few weeks ago and it worked 100%! She said that it felt like a warm blanket had enveloped her, coughing stopped in a few minutes. So she went from every few seconds uncontrollable coughing , she slept cough-free for hours every night she used it. If you have grandchildren, pass this on. If you end up sick, try it yourself and you will be amazed at how it works. DON’T SHUN THIS ONE.. TRY IT THE NEXT TIME YOU GET A BAD COLD. THE ONLY THING YOU CAN LOSE IS YOUR COUGH..


  1. Oh Looked at the JD link you gave me, cor I feel drunk with sheer over kill, it’s almost too much for a gal to take, BUT what’s John Lennon doing on there?

  2. No, No Pen don’t try that what a waste of alcohol.
    Hugs to Her Maj and tell her to keep her Mum off the booze,
    And BTW thanks for compliments on my new look.
    Do I waste my time or not? LOL

  3. Sounds good then,Arlene, and if the soles of your feet are good for this…then I wonder what would happen if you steeped your feet in alcohol? Hmm? should I try? 😉
    hugs ‘n’ stuff to your pack, from her Maj and me..xPenx

  4. Let me know if it works for canines too.

  5. Sooo…if Wolfie pastes it all over her Wolfie paws next time she develops a particularly bad bout of kennel cough and can’t get through Border Control when trying to return home to Europa…lol…all incriminating symptoms of kennel cough will vanish and all will be well? Must try that one!!

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