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Waiting for Ruby

I am sitting here waiting for the clock to reach 8.15, then I am off to the vet to pick up Ruby, she went in this morning to have her teeth scaled, they were awful, thick with tartar and scale, They phoned at 2.30pm to say that she was just going in Β as she was last to go for ops. [busy vets]

They told me to phone around 6.30 and possibly collect at

When I phoned they said she wasn’t quite ready and was still a bit woosy. and come and pick her up at 8.30 pm .So there we are. not a lot else to blog about, not that many will read it anyway. but I wanted to get it on paper, it makes me feel better in a funny way. Byeeeeeeee





  1. I always enjoy reading your blogs Arlene, Hope the dog had come right before you picked her up…

    • Hi Lady Jude, that is kind and thank you, I enjoy your poetry, and I DO like that pic, is it you when younger? very sweet.
      And yes Ruby is OK as you will no doubt have read.

  2. Taken till now to get online after battling for last 2 hours to get my mobile phone internet back up and running…too many outages on this network for comfort…but the mobile broadband connection for the laptop is running like a dream…bless its winsy little circuit board! Thankfully its not on the same network as the phones or I’d never get it going! Anyway πŸ™‚ Shut up Wolfie! Talk about the expensive and painful to the pocket matter in hand ok? lol…a sweet smelling Ruby must be a real pleasure but the bill was scary! Difficult tho when you don’t have them from pups to keep on top of such matters. Much better for her too πŸ™‚ I supply my dogs with various tooth cleaning bone thingies at great expense from the pet care centres…great treats for them and wonderful for the teeth πŸ™‚ Sometimes I eat them myself!!! Being a Wolfie πŸ™‚ Not good to have bad breath now is it?!! Think you need to feed your bank balance up…don’t want it getting too skinny and losing too much weight do you? lol πŸ™‚ Hugs from Wolfie and Lunar – a gorgeous Siberian Husky bitch with eyes to die for! They look like she’s coated the rims in very tasteful eyeliner, finished with the most glamourous mascara she could lay her adolescent paws on! She needs feeding up but you couldn’t not find her adorable!! πŸ˜‰

    • What’s this I read Wolfie, Lunar, a Siberian Husky, have you now got your very own dog again? do tell all I want to know how and when etcetera. oh and + pics.
      Yes ruby is much sweeter now, and the girls at the vet’s thought she too was adorable. and why not, cos she is.
      I’m making this brief as I’m waiting for my family to descend on me, they said 1 o’clock and it’s now nearly half past. I expect the traffic is busy as it’s such a beautiful day. and it’s nearly 20 miles. catch you later. Big smiles from a Minty mouthed Ruby.

  3. Hi Arlene : Just using my mobile to post this comment : I hope by now you’ve collected Ruby And Everything’s ok : just your bank balance a bit less healthy thanks to the Vet bill : hugs woofs ‘n licks to the pack from her Maj ‘n me xx

    • Caught this before off to bed Pen, yes I’ve collected her, posted on [blogspot] she’s fine and smells a bit sweeter.
      the vet said max Β£250 unless she had to have extractions, fortunately not, but the final bill was Β£190+odds, not as bad, but her speying will be just short of Β£200 without complications. after the kitchen [which has still money to be spent on it yet] over Β£400 for my car, yes, my bak balance has certainly been on a bit of a crash diet, not forgetting the car tax and insurance is due next month. I think I’ll inquire if there are any bank jobs going.
      Licks from a sweet smelling |Ruby and nuzzles from Tango hugs from me, all for her Maj of course, XX off to bed now g’night

      • did you see the change in my name? it seems my mobile, (although taking me about an hour to compose a comment and my battery going so low that it beeped!!!) allows me to put in any name I like, but this way via WordPress is my full one…Penpusherpen… Sorry, just being long winded ‘cos I’m keyboarding and not mobiling.!! πŸ˜‰
        Hope you had a refreshing nights sleep, and that Ruby is back to normal…
        but with a sweet smelling, eye glaring, mouth full of white flashing gnashers!! Heh!! hugs ‘n’ stuff from her maj and me…xx

      • I must admit Pen I didn’t notice the name change but it’s a nice touch and why shouldn’t her Maj have her name on there and be recognised, goodness she spends a lot of time watching you on there she must feel part of it .
        You people are so clever and rich to be able to afford phones that send messages too, crikes I can just about text on mine.
        Yes we had a nice restful night, and she woke up to more chicken and rice, with a little soaked dry food too, but by to-night she should be back to normal, she sends hugs and lickdds to big sis, and tango says – yeah cool – hi five. XX and how do you put smileys in your comments ? Lor’ I’m such a duffer.

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