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Old age

The butt hangs low, the wits are slow

Old age

The knees creak, the joints are weak

Old age

The eyes are dim , the outlook’s grim

Old age

The hearing’s going, the grey hairs showing

Old age

Some teeth are broken, the cheeks are sunken

Old age

The appetite’s rabid , the thoughts are morbid

Old age

The future’s bleak, will I last the week?

Old age

The hair is dull , time for a cull?

Old age

It’s not much fun, when you’re having a run,

Old age


  1. It was cool Arlene! On standby for your next moment of inspiration! 😉

  2. Great poem Arlene 🙂 And we will be seeing more I trust? 😉 I believe in growing old gracefully…well…I have learnt to fight with tremendous grace and style and never ever give in!!!! Now…where’s that number for the plastic surgeon….lol…and how much was it to get those glamours high-lights in before I hit the town where all those tasty hunky young men hang out??!!!! Ooops 😉 Mustn’t forget the botox before I leave! 🙂

    • LOL it would take more than a bit of Botox and highlights to scare my old age away.
      You just might get more poetry, it just comes when maybe something sparks it off, and then it goes and no amount of thinking and pondering brings anything to the brain. glad you enjoyed it anyway.

  3. Hi Pen, and welcome Angelwings [I’ve got a new poster. hooray] ignore me I’m a saddo.
    Thanks for your comments.
    I started the poem, if you could call it that as I’m not in Pen’s league, when I was watching Tango, you know how old dogs tails hang down instead of waving in the air, and he was trudging along, the first line just seemed to fit. and voila I was scribbling away like mmmmmmmmmmmm….. Wordsworth ? whatever.
    Well pen i’m not cancelling any birthdays, that might mean i’ll die, no, I’ll take Angelwings advice and embrace it.
    I’m hoping to pop in to visit you to-day I started yesterday, but got as far as the title and had to go and fetch my car. and after the bill, I had to have a lie down.
    Lots of hugs to Her Maj Bess, and Tango says that we’re not in dog years our 13 is the same as humans. and nuzzles to you anyway, Ruby says ‘Hi’ big sis. XX
    Got a busy day so i’ll catch yoou this morning, bet there’s a feast of poetry waiting, and if you don’t mind Angelwings I’ll pop in to see you too.

  4. We just have to embrace our old age Arlene…. We can’t do anything to stop it.

  5. Oh Dear… I don’t want to age any more…It seems a terrible disease, which can strike anyone after a set number of Birthdays, or so I’ve heard…So, I’ve come up with a plan to cancel any future Birthdays for myself!! Clever eh?
    Thanks friend, for this cheering look into the future….loved the rhyme, but I’ll age in my own time…(I know, I’m just fooling myself but I can live in perfick ignorance..!)
    Bess says HI, and woof to you Tango and Ruby, and she says she’s not a day over 13…
    (I keep telling her it’s doggie years but she won’t listen..!!) xPenx

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