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Is it a Bomb?

First folks thanks for appreciating the joke, I could post one a day and more, but I have to give your ribs a chance.LOL lovely to have you visit, I’ve started painting, and as one is urgent it doesn’t give me a lot of time to visit, it’s past my bedtime but I wanted to share this little bit of a not terribly interesting snippet with you.

Walking the dogs this evening along the beach about 5 pm  i spotted a lot of yellow jackets along the shore, oh, oh I thought, whats a do here, smugglers, a body, a beached whale? so I hurried along, nonchalantly  of course, to have a lookee. As I got closer I realized the path was closed off . I asked one of the Coastguard, not too sure he says   but what was reported as ‘a suspicious object’ had been washed up, was it a bomb? I asked open mouthed, considering I and the dogs walk here most days and was along that very spot this morning. We are making closer inspection but we can’t allow anyone on the beach for now,. OHHHHH. how exciting.

On the way back,  having had to go up the cliff path, I asked one of the Policemen, had they discovered what it was?   Well nothing dramatic after all, apparently it was a large gas canister, but as it was still pressurized or something, they had to guard it till it was removed, just in case it blew up.  poor beggars, they must have been freezing as there was a cold wind blowing, and it was getting dark. So I left them to it and toddled off home.

A little later as I was wallowing in a nice warm bath I wondered if they were still standing on the beach. I hope not,  I’ll check, but not till morning.

Is it a Bomb?Not a brilliant photo, but I only had my phone, don’t know why it was bluish. That’s Ruby watching by the way.


  1. I read in the local paper, that the police were there all night. till a special squad was brought in to tow it away and make it safe, the canister was badly corroded.

    • Pretty lethal things those…when a caravan blew up at the back of the house I was living in…not far from my dogs kennel and run unfortunately and much to my horror!…it was caused by a gas cannister. The following day I discovered one that had been left behind leaking gas….scary stuff considering children played round there and rebellious teenagers lit up their cig’s round there out of the way of the adults too…that involved a 2nd 999 call on the part of Wolfie who was TRYING to go to work. Didn’t fancy finding my dogs blown up in a gas cannister explosion thank you very much…not that they seemed at all phased by the whole kafuffle! 🙂

      • Cor, that was frightening, at least where this one was it wouldn’t really do any harm, maybe blow up a few seagulls.

  2. Hi Wolfie, thanks for comment, first, I didn’t know that camera phones had settings, duh! I’ll check, thanks for that.
    I was a heroine, in my own mind, as I was ready to run down the beach and detonate it if it was a bomb, or at least dive for their legs to throw them to the ground to protect them should it ‘go off’ but methinks that would meet with disapproval, from your good self, tut, naughty right enough. LOL, Ruby was doing her bit by standing in front to stop me from running down to do the unselfish deed. so there!

    • Too right it would meet with my disapproval! Very naughty idea indeed!! ….But most heroic of you I must admit 🙂 However! I absolutely forbid such antics on your part 😉 Ruby is a heroine in her own right…a very brave and dangerous act for her to stand in your way when you were all fired up to commit this most unselfish of deeds!!!!! Lucky for Ruby you didn’t dive for HER legs and throw her to the ground in order to protect everybody from the bomb!!

      • OK Wolfie, I will desist from even thinking of any heroic deed in the future, I will instead enlist the help of the delectable Johnny Depp, much to Pen’s annoyance and she would of course fret over his safety. but |I’d loan him Ruby to keep him safe.

  3. I’m sure I should be feeling deeply sorry for and concerned for the welfare of those unfortunate policemen stuck on a cold beach…lol…sadly I don’t!! Worse I guess…I find the notion highly amusing!!! Oh wicked wicked wolfie!! None the less…you were only doing your duty as a good and vigilent citizen and it could’ve been a deadly bomb or chemical weapon! I think quite possibly you were a heroine Arlene! Not sure Ruby did from the photo tho! Btw…blue pics sometimes occur if cam’s set to nit mode…worth checking the settings anyway for other changes….

  4. You’re right there Anne, Ruby isn’t the world’s No 1 poser, she’d never make page three. she’s always got the same stance, She was off the lead two days after I got her, she just won’t leave me, very useful and such a boon, as Tango is getting a bit doo lally
    There was no signs of anything this morning, no great whole in the sand just a bit of Police tape tied to a rock.
    We get lots of rubbish thrown up when it’s been as rough as it has been for the past few days, as it’s a main shipping lane.
    I like that Kirsten, Wasps as yellow jackets, yellow perils more like it.
    Other pics from my mobile haven’t been blue Pen, I daresay I messed around with something and altered something.

  5. when i first read ‘yellow jackets ‘ i thought you meant wasps! now i see its police or something. heh!
    wonder what kind of gas it was? ruby doesnt look too thrilled with the event … ;D

  6. Ruby looks as if she’d rather be away from the area of the bomb…(canister)
    Wow, Arlene, I suppose you never know what could be washed up…and I hope the men managed to get a hot drink or something if they had to stay there all night..
    Some of my Mobile phone photo’s turn out blue too…I have no idea why!! 🙂

  7. First thought is that it is nice to see Ruby of the lead but she cannot have the crown of super photo poser as that is well and truly stuck on Tango’s head.
    Maybe the canister was left from a beach barbeque.

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