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The almost finished kitchen

Good morning Bloggers here at last, if you haven’t all drifted off, is the pics I said I would take of the kitchen finished,

First thank you for the comments on my previous post, [blogspot] a little joke to keep you amused, and steady on Chip, don’t over do it, you knows the moral of the tale.

Woke up to a wet and windy Sunday morning, so it’s on with the rain coats for a walk shortly.

Avril and I didn’t go out for a meal yesterday as the weather was sunny and pleasant, so we’re off to-day my treat to thank her for all her help during the chaotic refit.






It’s still not completely finished, I have to have a new window above the sink and of course decorated, but that will be a little while yet. but at least it is habitable and I have my lounge back.

that’s it for now, off to brave the weather with the dogs, catch you all [?] later



  1. Hi again Wolfie, you have been busy, I appreciate it makes it worthwhile blogging. lol
    I’ll be the first to shake you by the hand when and if you win the lottery, as long as you have a fistful of the ready’s in it though.LOL
    The tea cosy is a pattern from Curiosity, cute, innit?

  2. Looking great…coming along lovely 🙂 I do enjoy a good wolfie snout around other people’s dens! Mind you…does serve to remind me what I don’t have! lol 🙂 Not to worry…can’t take it with me when I’m gone can I? 😉 Probably best way to look at the lack until a miracle occurs and everything turns around and wolfie is rich!!!! Lovely tea cosy on the tea pot btw 🙂

  3. Arlene

    Oh Pen, you did make me laugh at your comments, and you’ve lost your\vr as well as your chair, things are looking very dodgy in the Pen household, , I’ll have to get Tango and Ruby to give Bess a little dog-talk and see what they can worm out of her. Can’t you put the computer on the floor beside the cushions? save you stretching. though if Bess is anything like tango, she’ll think it’s playtime., but don’t take it out on her toy. Toys have got feelings too you know.
    I haven’t had a visit from the banana police yet, but by the very good description you’ve given me, I’ll know them and hide, probably under the cupboard, I’ll be in good company in there, won’t I, you’ll be lucky to get me out for a

    • so? he is in there then…rats…so close and yet so far!! ah well, better luck next time!! …. xx

  4. Hi Kirsten and Pen, not forgetting her Maj, [and no I don’t want a VR, as your mum wouldn’t entrance and charm us with her poems and stories if she was deprived of it, be a good girl Bess and put it back, gently]
    now, I’m thinking of painting the walls a creamy beige, but I’ll keep the carpet blue and I also have a blue blind to go up, there is another cupboard to go up below the clock it is glass fronted, for the china.
    Pen if that’s your kettle, you can have it back by all means as it’s a waste of space, the lid doesn’t close properly, and the filter breaks down too quickly,
    Am I doing wrong by hanging my bananas by the neck? it does sound quite barbaric doesn’t it.
    I use chemical hand wash in the bathroom with liquid face soap for my face, but liquid hand wash in the kitchen, nor would I go back to tablet soap, it just doesn’t lather in our hard water.

    • well then , the kettle must be different. ‘cos mine doesn’t have a filter in it, and my lid works splendid,.(that’s the kettles very own words) … I use filtered water though, one stands on the kitchen top and another sits in the fridge door, so I have cool filtered water to drink!! and I have no idea if bananas are better ‘hung’ or not…. it just looks like cruelty…and the ACTBA, (Anti Cruelty to The Bananas Association) says they’ll be sending a rep round to sort you out!! I think it’ll probably be Banana Barry (he dresses as one and I think is short of a ‘banana’ or two if you follow me?)…. so just sit him down and stuff one in his mouth, it’ll keep him quiet for ages..!! ‘cos of his dodgy false teef he can’t chew very well just has to suck a lot!!
      Now, to be serious, My VR is still missing, and Sheila’s asked me to do a poem about Bumble Bees, (every time I type Bees I come up with Bess !! Which is very annoying, ‘cos my typing is usually perfick 😉 ) … did her Maj sell it to you? She’s not responding to questioning, even tho’ I keep threatening to throw her favourite toy down the stairs, (she does it anyway so she sees no harm!!) ….anyway…where was I? … OH yes, your colour scheme sounds lovely and you can’t go wrong with beige…most things’ll go with it..and I love blue anywho…righto…off I go…is this the back door?…oh a cupboard? is JD in there? 😀 …no? ok..I believe you….bye for now…
      Hugs and stuff to you, Tango and Ruby, from en ‘n’ Her Maj…xx

      • see? ‘en’ ? my finger couldn’t reach the top of the keyboard ‘P’ …’cos of not having the use of my lovely computer chair ( I got in touch with eBay but they said her Maj is a valued seller and they have no sympathy with me , and no I can’t have my chair back ) and sitting on a cushion ont’ floor… It’s quite a job stre-e-e-tcing up ….but I managed it at last… PEN xx

  5. its coming along wonderfully! are you going to paint it blue?

  6. as Bess is barking (mad) outside in the Garden chasing imaginary friends (?) I’m sitting here viewing your lovely, bright, new, dazzling kitchen… I LIKE IT…
    OoooO everything’s nice and tidy, !! and what you doing with my kettle?. and why are you torturing your bananas?… I just lay them gently on a long glass dish , lull them into a false sense of security and them gobble them down when they’re not looking… Do you use liquid handwash in the kitchen and bathroom too..I do… got into the habit and can’t go back to tablet soap…
    Hope you has a wonderful walk with Tango and Ruby, give them a hug from me and her Maj…oh…and one for you too…xx (Bess the Bold says you wanna buy a cheap VR?)

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