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Hi folks, haven’t been on for a day or two, my head is not too well I went to find a fresh pot of marmalade this morning for breakfast and I can’t, in fact I can’t b***y well find anything, I didn’t think to photograph the kitchen before we ripped it out, but I have done now, not a pretty sight, I’m glad you all found it amusing, I suppose it is really, in the past tense, lol

One corner


Another  corner


Cupboard under sink, I’ve had to leave a few bits that I use, especially the cosmetics bag !


This top lot over the sink will be gone and the window made into a bay


all the rest is just the stuff from the cupboards and drawers






Is it any wonder that I’m tearing my hair out, I have to live like this for about another week, then I have to put it all back in the new cupboards,

I will of course post up pics of the finished project, that is if I’m not in the nut house before then.



  1. Awwww! What cute teapots! Wolfie want one!! I did enjoy this visit to your house 🙂 All that upheaval reminds me how fortunate I am to have just one small den to worry about! But it feels so good when it’s all sorted so you will no doubt be fine 🙂

    • Wolfie, jsut name the pot you want, I didn’t part with any after all, lol
      My place isn’t big, I just needed extra cupboard space, as over the years i’ve just collected ‘stuff’ and can’t bear to throw anything out. now everything has a home. yippee,
      Tahnks for the visit

  2. I think you’ll look back and laugh!! um….I hope so anywho!! BUT the photo’s show all the upheaval you’re going through, so no wonder your heads not ‘on’ right… It’ll all be worth while…(just keep saying that every morning , repeating every time you can’t find something) … Looking forward to seeing all the changes as they happen…nosey so and so that I am!! 😉 hugs, licks and woofs to tango and Ruby , and you of course… from her Maj and me…xx

    • I will come back each evening Pen and I’ll duly record the progress of the day’s work. I’m the one that will need the hugs and licks, OK, Ok I’ll pass them on, and sending them back to her Maj XX oh and I will say a mantra every day, ‘it will be alright in the end, it will be alright in the end,,,it will be,,,,,,,

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