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Home improvements

I am having some kitchen improvements at the beginning of next week, da,ra, [music note] as there are no pockets in a shroud, though I might just sew some in mine, I have decided to have a new look to my kitchen. plus an new bay window, carpets and decorating. , and \i hope that will be the end of house improvements.

Before Christmas my friend Avril and I went round to a few of the stores who do these things, got down to three quotes, and after a bit of haggling got down to one, the haggling was to do with the new 20% VAT, but no matter, I go what I wanted and at my budget, Then I had to sort out the fitter, was recommended three, and after some outrageous pricing, got that sorted too.

To save a little bit of money |{|I’m Scottish remember} Avril and I are doing the stripping out and disposing of the old stuff.

We are starting to-morrow and yesterday and to-day was spent emptying cupboards, and half of that looking for the stuff  I took out, where the he** is the soup plate, bread knife, milk jug, what a nightmare, I should have put stuff into specific boxes instead of just higgledepiggety all together, spent 20 minutes looking for the bin liners tonight, I can’t find anything, and I have to live like this for nearly a week.

In fact where did half the stuff come from in the first place, I can see the charity shops receiving a few donations, The lounge looks like a supermarket bomb attack., not just the lounge stuff has overflowed into the hallway and spare room, believe it or not, \I’m doing it to gain more cupboard space., just to stash more stuff, mad or what. [why do I need five teapots?]

To add to it I’m looking after Barney Friday till Sunday. I must be mad, just as well he’s a fine well behaved dog.

It will be fun and games when Avril and |I start wielding the hammer and monkey wrenches, then pack it into the cars to take to the local tip. I will be sitting in an empty kitchen till Monday, and rummaging around all the boxes looking for the kettle, don’t know why, cos I won’t even have a sink…….so,  if I don’t post for a few days, send out a search party, I will be under a pile of Tupperware.

I’ll be stopping by at Avril’s for meals, as the kitchen will be out of bounds. I made a pot of soup to-day so that will help see me through. G*d I hate upheavals.



  1. Wow! You certainly don’t do things by halves 😉 It’s been bad enough trying to clear out just one small den of all the clutter and hoarded stuff! As to the 5 teapots…you can’t possibly have too many tea pots! They are a lifeline! lol You will need many cuppas if you are contending with all that and also have Barney to think about too!

    • Hi Wolfie,
      We were thinking of harnessing Barney to a trailer and using him as a sled dog to take the rubbish away, but he ran off and hid. hee, hee. Now that I have more space, I just might get a new teapot.

  2. Pen you could have had some of my old one, as the cupboards were in good condition, but too late they’ll be getting picked over down at the council tip.
    Hugs to dear Bess XX Tango and Ruby say can’t I come and stay with you, I don’t like all this upheaval.
    And yes Kirsten it sure is messy, I just hate clutter and disruption, I just like to plod along in my same boring old way.

  3. Sounds like a lot of upheaval which will be worth it in the end…A new kitchen…gosh, I so wish it was me..My old one needs a new face-lift.!! and I can just see you wielding that lump hammer!! Stand back and give it some welly!! Great blog Arlene, and can’t wait to see the before. during and after photo’s… Hugs, woofs and licks to you all, from >> x Pen ‘n’ Bess x

  4. wow good for you! there will be a mess for a while … but in the end it will be worth it. you cab count on things getting a bit more complex than you first thought, but it always seems to be that way with contruction – or deconstuction for that matter.
    i hope you take before and after pics!

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